Contemplation : A different approach to meditation

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this particular series, we shall learn about a different approach to meditation : Contemplation Meditation

Well what is that ? It is simply contemplating over some big ideas deeply.

Let me explain it.

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Once we understand the concept of meditation, we realize that an individual is not a separate entity from the universe, We are all interconnected to each other. However, often , in our day to day life we become so much involved in the petty issues of mundane importance, that we forget the larger picture of things.

There are many theories and ideas related to man’s relationship with universe. Different thinkers and scientist world over have come out with their own outlook towards it. In this section you will find some of the most fascinating ideas and theories from the various fields of science and religion.

From ancient Indian texts like Isavasyopanishad & Bhagavad-Gita to the ultra modern ideas of Time-Energy-Space Hypothesis and Gaia, this section will take you to the most interesting inner journey of life.

Ponder over these articles. A contemplation on them will stimulate your thinking and quickly take you into a meditative state. Realizing your oneness with universe is not at all difficult. A new perspective for life  is bound to come when you begin to understand that you and the world around you are not separate and both belong to one reality.

How this new approach to meditation works ?

This  new approach to meditation.  is very easy way of meditating which anyone can do with  effortless ease. This method lies in a  small suggestion . Just do this:

[highlight] “See the world from a cosmic perspective and you will be in meditation ! “[/highlight]


Yes !  just expand your horizons and change your perspective. I mean stop looking at this world from the looking glass of your own personality.  Just by looking at this world, at this whole creation around us from a different perspective (which I called a cosmic perspective) you can be in meditation instantly.

This works on a simple logic that

Whenever you meditate: you attain a cosmic perspective for life

So, whenever you attain a cosmic perspective for life, you will be in meditation !  Simple !

Just for a few minutes everyday, stop evaluating this world from your own opinions, notions and thoughts. Stop looking at this world from your own individual perspective and let a cosmic perspective take the driver’s seat in your life..


Why & how to do this ?

First of all : Why  do this ?

Just like billions of people around the world, you are living a life and facing all types of ups and down, meeting with triumph and disasters, enjoying moments of happiness/ victories and enduring the hour of trials and tribulations.

All these life experiences have developed in you a particular perspective for life through which you look at this world. Now this perspective may be positive, negative or neutral depending upon the various circumstances that exists in your life. In all likelihood you will spend your entire life with this particular perspective for life. Since no two persons are identical in all respect, everybody has his/her own perspective for life and lives according to it.

A rich man has a different way of looking at this world that may involve spending his life thinking about the next stock market boom, buying the latest luxury car or thinking about his next world trip.  On the other hand the perspective of a poor man may be limited only  to thinking about earning the next quotas of bread and butter.

For a sick, the whole world may be confined to his room with nothing to do and just thinking about his sickness all day long. In contrast, a healthy person may have a different perspective altogether which may include planning for the next safari trip to Africa or for participating in the Bungee Jumping .

In short , we all have our own ways and logic to see this world.

What’s in for you ?

As I have already explained that meditation is a process of making our mind quiet so that we can contact the self within. ( See What is Meditation) Self is the ‘I’ consciousness that exist everywhere. The ‘self’ in us is the part of  same cosmic consciousness. Therefore, when we contemplate on cosmic consciousness by means of adopting a cosmic perspective, we instantly experience the presence of the same consciousness within us.

This self, by its very nature is calm, blissful and circumstance-independent. So when we perceive this world from a cosmic perspective, we recognize our own little place in the universe (which  though small is also a part of the same consciousness.) This experience will help you to shift from a ‘body-mind framework to a ‘self -witnessing the body-mind’ frame work. This realization of  ‘self -witnessing the body-mind’ is what meditation is all about.

How to achieve a cosmic perspective ?

It is very easy. We will understand this from an analogy:

Suppose you are participating in a drama and during the drama, you become so much absorbed in the character of whose part you are playing  that you forget  your real identity and start behaving like that particular character in your real life itself. Then somebody takes you from the stage and make you sit in the audience to watch the drama.

When you watch the drama as an observer you suddenly realize ,” Oh ! it is just a drama and I was acting as this character”. You instantly recognize who you are in reality. You realize that it is just a drama going on and you are just one of the actor in this drama.  Someone different from the character of the drama.

In the above analogy the most important incident happens when ‘somebody takes you and make you sit in the audience to watch the drama’. It’s only when you get separated from the characters of the drama and sit in the audience that you recognize who you actually are.

In the same way the life itself is a drama that is going on and we are playing our respective parts in it. Now we need that ‘somebody’ who comes and makes us sit in the audience so that we can see the reality.’ Somebody who can show that we, in reality, are self -the ‘I’ consciousness and the present life that we are living is a transient (short lived) play of a character..

In this different approach to meditation we will take the help of this ‘somebody’ to understand the reality. Now this somebody is  nothing but an intense contemplation on an idea about how this world works, what is the reality around us. Just contemplation on this idea will take you into instant meditation.

Efforts have been made by some of the most brilliant scientific and spiritual minds to describe this world from a cosmic perspective. There have been attempts to see this world ‘as it is’ without allowing our own pre-conceived notions to interfere. These attempts have given birth to some of the most interesting and informative theories and books on the cosmos. These theories and books contain the ideas with the potential of changing our perspective from  individualistic to a global one.

Though man has made great scientific advancement, the truth remains that we are just one of the 84,00,000 species on this planet earth, which  are parts of this solar system, which itself is a part of this big universe. No one knows exactly how life originates. No one knows how life will vanish. There are only assumptions. Some appears very accurate whereas some are just beliefs. But these assumptions, ideas and beliefs helps us to relate ourselves with this vast universe.

Once we recognize that we are part of this cosmos, we have emerged from it  and one day will again merged into it, this reality makes us calm.   Just contemplate on these ideas, try to relate your life with these ideas and you will start getting a cosmic perspective for life.

Make a printout of these articles. Sit quietly in a comfortable place and read these articles. They are meditation for contemplation. Just read an article, think over it, contemplate over whatever is written. Try to relate it with your own life. Do it and you’ll see the big picture. You’ll slowly start progressing towards mental calm & peace.

I am not saying that your all problems will vanish.  Unfortunately life is not that easy. But I can say with surety that you’ll have a new perspective for life. You will stop nagging, fuming & fretting on small issues. You will start enjoying nature, the beauty around us  Think over these ideas, contemplate upon what has been written and you will have a cosmic perspective for life that will take you into meditation.

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Next : the first idea for contemplation [do action=”insert-hand”/] Gaia: Is earth alive ?

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Gaia : Is earth alive

Moving & alive Earth
Is Earth Alive? The Gaia theory says so.


[dropcap]G[/dropcap]aia hypothesis is one of the most interesting and revealing theory about our relation with our big home – this planet earth. Propounded by James Lovelock – a great scientific thinker of our time, this theory, if analyze in right perspective, has the potential to completely change the way we look at world around us.

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‘Gaia’, named on the Greek goddess for earth, principle is based on a simple truth :    Organisms alter their environment.

Let us understand it in some more detail :

We will start with two questions:

The first one is:  Why there is life on earth ?

The answer is simple:

Because there are suitable conditions for life to survive.  Simple !

Now the second question:

Why there are suitable conditions for life on earth ?                

The answer, again, is simple:

Because there is life on earth.

This is all what Gaia theory is about. Both the above two answers are dependent on each other. It implies that Life on earth itself creates vast feedback that ensure its own survival.

Now when I say ‘life’, what does it mean ?

It means the collective life on earth. The collective activities of all living creatures on earth.

All the living creatures on earth, from the tiniest of the bacteria to the largest of the mammals,  are contributing in maintaining an optimum environment for life. In other words, activities of life on earth are ensuring its own survival.

This is the Gaia hypothesis which stipulates that the earth as a whole acts like a super organism and ensures the survival of all forms of life on it.

Now you must be wondering what this is all about?

Read on..

Gaia hypothesis is an reinforcement of the fact that we all are interconnected with each other. So survival of other species is as important as our own survival. The extinction of even a single species may create havoc for our planet.

Let us understand Gaia from an example

We all know that clouds bring rain which is extremely essential for our ecosystem. Do you know  how clouds are formed over ocean ?. One of the most obvious reason is that the heating effects of sun causes the ocean water to vaporize and results in clouds. However, besides this there is one more important cause for formation of clouds.

Tiny green plants (known as Microscopic Planktons) keep floating on the surface of ocean. As a  part of their life cycle, they release sulphur compounds in air. These sulphur molecules drift up and encourage water molecule to condense. The water drops come close and results in clouds. Clouds not only give water to our lands, but (owing to their highly reflective nature) also acts as a mirror and reflect the radiation of sun, thus,  helps in cooling the earth.

Such an interesting phenomena is caused by tiny green plants on ocean surface. The interesting thing is that these plants are not the only beneficiary of clouds formation. Rather the whole system benefits from it. this is a typical example of a Gaian cycle where life affects the nature.

So What is the lesson of Gaia ?

First of all, it is soothing and startling to know that all forms of life are interconnected with each other and are contributing in maintaining congenial life conditions for everybody.

Secondly, it also indicates that all living activities in their collective forms, help the earth to maintain its wonderful qualities of a living planet.

Often in the vanity of our urban psyche and in our isolated  cities far from any kind of natural contact, we tend to think ourselves as something special, the only real intelligent species of this planet.

However, the Gaia hypothesis open our eyes to this revealing truth that we all human beings (along with other living species) are part of this super organism earth. This fact makes us humble and reveal the truth that whatever wonder we can do with our science and technology, we are destined to remain engulfed by a huge  quasi-organism – our planet earth. It also restore the truth of religions that we are, whether we like it or not, a part of something much larger than ourselves.

Gaia : A primitive and modern fact :

An interesting experiment for you.

If there is anyone  really living on this earth, it is our living planet earth itself. All other life forms just come and go. Here I request you to consider this imaginary and very interesting  hypothesis.

Imagine that you are sitting on a chair placed in outer space. You are watching the earth as it revolves around the sun. Imagine that as if by some magic you are able to see all the activities of life happening on every corner of earth. From that chair you are watching all  facets of human and other lives – birth, death, war, triumph, failure etc.

As you are watching these phenomena of life from outer space, imagine that  the time frame of that place ( where you are sitting in outer space) changes in such a way that 1 minute of that place becomes equal to 1000 years of earth.  Imagine it clearly.

Now tell me what you will see in 1 hour ?

In 60 minutes of sitting on that imaginary chair in outer space , you will see a period of 60,000 years on earth.

Can you guess what you’ll see ? You will not be able to see any human life in its consistency. In such a vast period of time (condensed to a duration of 1 hour in a different time scale) you will only be able to see the movements of life in its collective form.  When 1 minute equals 1000 years, people will just come and go like a flash of light. You will see life coming from nowhere and again merging into unknown. The only constant thing will be the earth itself with its varied form. You will feel the presence of only one living organism – Earth ! maintaining its life supporting activity with the help of all other living organisms it contains.

James lovelock writes in the concluding part of his book ‘Homage to Gaia: The life of an independent scientist’ :-

[quote style=”boxed”] ” The scientific evidence, is now strong enough for me to take a chance and put my trust on Gaia. It is comforting to think that I am a part of her and to know that my destiny is to merge with the chemistry of our living planet. “[/quote]

Yes the destiny of all of us is to merge in the chemistry of our living planet. Gaia consoles us by telling our true place in nature. Whenever you find yourself in a natural surrounding, observe the nature around you from the perspective of Gaia. The sky, lake, ocean, mountains, flowers, plants, tiny birds, big mammals, you, your friends and the whole human race –  we all are part of our living planet earth !

All of us are contributing collectively in making life sustainable. All things in this world are interdependent on each other.  Discard the notions of supremacy. We all are equal for our mother earth. We all are her parts. .

You can learn more about Gaia at

here : Gaia Theory ,

here : and

here : – a link send by a reader Mr.  Nathan Savicki from US. Thanks to him !

Let us continue our journey of exploring wonderful ideas for contemplation.

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Next [do action=”insert-hand”/] Bhagavad Gita : The world is a Cosmic Play of God

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Bhagavad Gita: Cosmic play of God

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]hagavad-Gita – the most revered and  inspiring spiritual book of Hindu religion. The dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna on the battleground of Kurukshetra has contained the wisdom of highest standard.

Krishna giving message of Gita to Arjuna


For thousands of years, millions of souls have found solace in the pages of this immortal master-piece.

There have been many excellent commentaries on Gita by various men of talent and wisdom. In this article, instead of going into the verse by verse analysis of this book, some of the most important lessons, which this amazing book teaches us, have been explained.:-

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Cosmic Play of God   

[quote style=”boxed”]”No matter what conditions you encounter in life, your right is only to the works–not to the fruits thereof. You should not be impelled to act for selfish reasons, nor should you be attached to inaction.” Bhagavad Gita 2.47   [/quote]

The whole world is a cosmic play. It is a movie written, directed and acted upon by God alone. In our ignorance we consider ourselves as the doer of the deeds, but in reality it is God through which everything is being done. All that is happening, had happened or will happen, will be caused by God. Try to understand this fundamental truth by an anecdote. Often people tell this story as a joke. But I’ll show you it’s subtle meaning . :

Once a man aboard a train with a heavy luggage. The train was full of passengers & all seats were occupied. It was a mad rush. The man, even after boarding on the train, did not place his luggage on the train but keep hanging it on his shoulders. When other co-passengers saw this, they asked him to place the luggage aside and stand comfortably. The man replied strangely by saying that since the train is already overburdened with so many passenger and luggage, he didn’t want to increase its burden by putting his luggage too on it. On hearing this, all other passengers laughed and told him,” Dear friend ! even if you hang your luggage on your shoulder, the truth is that you and your luggage are very well on the train and thus the weight of both you and your luggage is contributing to it’s burden.

Well the above is a joke. But take a look at this anecdote from the following perspective.

The man who boarded on train was an enlightened soul. When co-passengers asked him to place his luggage on the train and relaxed, he replied in the same way by saying that he didn’t want to overburdened the train. All passenger start laughing and say that even if he kept the luggage on his shoulder ,the combine weight of both will be on the train and train will remain as overburdened as it would be if you put you luggage on it’s floor. When the man listened this advice from co-passengers, he started laughing and said,” I was thinking that you all were just common people. But it appears that you all are very knowledgeable fellows.

You are right when you say that even if I don’t place my luggage on train and keep hanging it on my shoulder, it is ultimately the train who will have to bear the weight of both. But don’t you think the same logic applies to life also ? You live in the illusion that your burden of responsibilities, difficulties and tensions is being dealt with by yourself. Whereas the stark reality is that even if you don’t leave your difficulties & sorrows on God, it is still God who will have to bear it. After saying this that man removed his luggage from the shoulder, placed it’s on the train and sat on it.

If we observe this world, if we see the life around us, we will find that almost 99% of things in the world are happening on their own. Human civilization with all its technical progress and with its power to think and create is definitely affecting the way this world works. However, all the changes that it has been able to make could have never been possible with out the active help of all those factors which are still beyond our control.

The earth is moving on its axis in a definite and precise manner without taking a pause. All type of weather – summer, winter, autumn & monsoon etc come at regular interval annually, the regular rain provides our farmer enough crops to feed the world, the ozone layer and other various life supporting gases such as oxygen are present in optimum quantity and supporting the life.

Sun, the provider of warmth and light is burning with a comfortable intensity. It is neither too hot nor too cold and thus is giving us with just right amount of warmth and light. There are continuous platonic shifts on our planet but none is  too fast or too violent to cause immense causalities ( if you see it from a broader perspective, even the tsunami disaster that came in 2004 does not come into the category of what we called a catastrophe of global proportion. Though there have been many unfortunate deaths, our planet as a whole is secure and at least for the time-being the earth is not in a danger of extinction ).

In short there are so many situations  like above which in conjunction with each other are helping human race to sustain and grow. All these activities are beyond our control but are extremely important for our survival. According to Bhagavad-Gita these actions comes under the class of ‘Vi-karmas’ (Vee’ Karmaa’s) or ‘ those actions which are caused by cosmic choreographer. There source in unknown but there preciseness and regularity left us in awe and amazement !

On a more personal level also, this truth of cosmic choreographer can help us immensely. Gita says that there are broadly 3 types of Karmas (action)

(a) Karma – Everything that we do, every action which we perform, can be termed as Karma if….


If we do it with the feeling of a doer. If you perform an action with the feeling that you ‘as a doer of that action’ are doing it then it is a Karma. Normal mundane tasks like supporting a family, doing a job, playing, watching TV, building a house, running a shop as well as the so called ascetic action of renouncing the world, taking Sanyas, breaking all relations with past life are also known as ‘Karma’ if done with the sense of a ‘doer’. They are all Karma.

(b) Akarma – What is A-karma. An action which is done without the feeling of a doer is akarma. When the feeling of a ‘doer’ is absent, every action is akarma.

(c) Vikarma This is the third category of action. There are many things which happen on their own. Just like the huge natural phenomenon of revolution of earth, arrival of weather etc, if we observe from a physical human level – the beating of heart, the breathing of air, the circulation of blood in body etc are all actions which are happening on their own. Our heart does not ask us, “would you like to pump me? it just goes on. Our blood does not ask us for circulation, it just flow on its own. The same is true for breathing, we may regulate our inhalation and exhalation but certainly we can’t control it. It’ll continue on its own.

The message of Gita :

To put it simply – Observe your life carefully, contemplate over it,  evaluate your experiences and you’ll find that everything is in the hand of cosmic choreographer. Realize this truth and align yourself in this cosmic flow. Surrender yourself into this huge game.

After all who are you ? Nobody asked you – Would you like to born on earth? You just came in this world. Nobody asked you – “would you like to be born as an American, a European, Asian or African? You just received any of  these identities. Nobody asked,” Would you like to be a Christian, Muslim or Hindu ? You just born in a family which practise a particular religion.  Nobody ask you -“Would you like to remain a child? You have no control over your growth. You can’t stop your childhood turning into teenage, a teenage into youth and a youth into an old age. They’ll all happen without your control. And one day- nobody will ask you – Would you like to die? One day your eyes will close forever. You will go into the deepest of all sleeps – death.

It’s only a matter of perspective. Just be a little analytical in your observation. You’ll amazed to find that almost everything in your life is beyond your control .

So what is the lesson ?: When nothing is in your control, why become tense and stressful by trying to control things. Why not we all perform our task with the best of our capabilities and leave the rest on ‘Cosmic Choreographer’ to decide ?  Let the existence do what it wants. Just be in the flow.

Best actions are those which are done without feeling of a doer:

I know that there is nothing new in what you just read above. Many of you may feel a feeling of deja-vu.  However, the fact is that eternal truths are same everywhere. They don’t change. They are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

Try to make all your actions  Akarmas : the actions which are done without a feeling of the doer. All these actions  will make us more free, more playful, and more calm.

Don’t do anything with the feeling that you are doing it yourself. Just be an instrument in the hand of existence. Let it do what it wants to accomplish through you. This cosmic play is going on. We may choose to be playful with it or we may choose to fight with it. Be a little meditative. Be still and know. We all are puppets in the hands of cosmic strings. So let us surrender ourselves to this existence. No matter who we are, where we are, what we are doing, let us do it in a non-attached manner. Only one thing is required – A firm faith in the cosmic play, A belief in existence.

Jumping into the unknown appears a risky and insecure step. but sometime an open insecurity becomes the safest place. Just for once – Stop fighting with your fate, with your circumstances. Accept the world as it is. Believe in existence, be still in meditation and stop doing anything by placing yourself in the center. Put aside yourself and let the existence do what it wants to do through you. You’ll amazed by the inner peace you’ll got from this.

A very important article on this theme has been written by ‘Peter Russell’ of  . It tells us how to be a wizard. Though there is no mention of Bhagvad-Gita, but for somebody who wants to practically apply the lesson from Gita in his/her life- this article is worth reading,

click How to be a wizard

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Next :  [do action=”insert-hand”/] 3rd idea for contemplation



Isavasyopanishad -everything is God

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Isa Upanishad -Everything is God

Image of the Universe
Everything in this Universe is part of God

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]savasyopanishad or the Isa Upanishad is one of the most wonderful books of ancient Indian wisdom. Often called as the ‘Gem’ among all 108 Principal Upanishads, this book of just 18 verses, contains the essence of all knowledge that as been contemplated and experienced by Indian thinkers & philosophers. All those, who are interested in the questions of our relationship with the Universe, will find one of the most interesting and fascinating answers in this book.

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Originally written in Sanskrit language, its first verse (which is actually a kind of declaration mantra recited in the beginning and end of the Upanishad) gives the whole essence of the Upanishad. This famous Shanti Mantra, Puranamadah Purnamidam… encompasses within itself the entire message of Vedanta. It unequivocally declares that there is nothing but one non-dual divinity in the entire Universe. Again, instead of going into the verse by verse explanation of this text, I am describing the fundamental idea which this book propose:


[quote style=”boxed”]Om. That is full; this is full. This fullness has been projected from that fullness. When this fullness merges in that fullness, all that remains is fullness. Om. Peace! Peace! Peace! – (The beginning & ending mantra of Isavasyopanishad)[/quote]

We shall start with two questions:

First Question:

Is there anything from which if we subtract a part of it, even then there is no decrease in its value ?

(Can you think of anything like that ? The question defy any mathematical logic )

Second Question:
Is there anything in which if we add a part of it, even then there is no increase in its value.

(Another question that defy any mathematical logic. )

In this unique Upanishad, we find the mention of a thing from which if we subtract the whole of it, even then there will be no decrease in its value. And if we add in it the whole of it. then there will be no increase in its value.

Though this statement defies any mathematical logic, yet the beauty of this book lies in the fact that it tells us that some of the most fundamental truths of life defy any logic.

It means that if that thing is ‘x’ then

Normally Subtracting x from x should take us to Zero

x – x = 0

But this Upanishad says x-x = x ( how ???? )

Again normally adding x to x should come up with 2x

x  + x = 2x

But Isavasyopanishad says x + x = x  (how ????)

What can be the value of this ‘x’ ? Let us try to find the answer of the above two question  with the help of some analogies.

Consider ocean, it is a huge collection of water. Every year thousand of tons of water get evaporated from it by the effect of Sun. However, there appears no significant reduction in Sea level. At any given moment, somewhere on earth, raining is continue. Every moment thousand of tons of water is being poured into the ocean by all kind of big and small rivers such as Amazon, Nile, Hwang ho and Ganga etc. However, there has been no significant increase in the sea level. So in view of this seemingly constant amount of water in all circumstances, can we say that oceans are the answer of above questions?

Can we say [ocean] – [ocean] = [ocean] or

[ocean] + [ocean] = [ocean]  ?

Perhaps not. In absolute term, level of water in ocean keep rising and falling  depending upon the collective atmospheric changes of rain, evaporation and influx of water river.

Let us take ‘space’. Everything around us comes under the space. In the journey of time, cities emerges , then vanquished, new cities comes, people built house in space, live in them , rebuild them in space. The biggest of the mountains and smallest of the creatures all spent their lives in space . Every phenomena of nature, every creation and every destruction takes place in space and yet the space remains intact. There appears no decrease or increase in its quantity. So can we say that ‘Space’ is the answer of above questions?

Can we say [space] + [space] = [space]

or            [space] – [space]  = [space]

Though space seems to be very probable answer of above mentioned two questions,  it is not the correct answer in absolute term. If we observe from an absolute term, even the space get  an increase or decrease in its value.

A house is built in space. After a very-very long time, that house will decayed completely from wear & tear. After a very long time, there will be no house in that space and  there will again be space in  the place of that house.  However it is clear that during the period when the house was in existence,  at least some portion of that space was occupied by house and for all practical purpose, this particular portion of space could not be used for any other thing.

Therefore, though on a very minimum scale, the value of available space decreased for a limited period of time as this space was utilized by the house. Hence, in absolute terms, the quantity of space increases or decreases depending on the size and quantity of objects that occupy space.

In the above mentioned analogies of Ocean and Space, I discussed these two very big entities (ocean and space) which seems to be constant even if some of their parts are added or subtracted from them. However, the Isa Upanishad talks of an entity which remains intact even in subtraction or addition of its entire value from it. In this Upanishad it has been stated that the whole comes out from the whole yet the whole remains.

Please notice that not a small part of this whole entity comes out of it, this entire whole comes out of it, yet the whole remains. And not a small part of whole is added into it. The whole entity is added into it, yet the whole remains. The whole in its entirety emerge from this fullness and again merge into this, yet the whole remains intact.

Let us make these things more clear, if this whole entity is x, then

x – x = x

x + x = x

The whole Universe merge from x

yet the x remains as it is.

The whole Universe merge into x

yet the x remains as it is.

What is this ‘x’

x = reality = God

It has been said that there is ‘something’ from which the whole Universe emerges and again merges into that and yet that ‘something’ remains intact. This wholeness is God or divine consciousness.

Upanishad is pointing towards God or super consciousness or the divinity whatever you may call it. The whole Universe emerges from God or divine consciousness and yet God/ divine consciousness remains intact. Let us understand it from a more scientific angle.

In the beginning there was nothing but this divine consciousness. Then Big bang occurred and Universe was born which later gave rise to earth and thereafter life on it. …In future, at some point of time, the whole Universe will again merged into this divine consciousness (the birth of Universe is named Big bang, I don’t know what this seemingly death of Universe will be called. But ultimately in the end, there will again be divine consciousness, in its entirety.

Then again there will be another big bang, another earth, another human race and life on earth…..The again….in that remote future, this next Universe will again merge into the divine consciousness……And this process will continue.

Sounds interesting ? . If we contemplate over this cyclic play of divine consciousness,  an interesting thought comes to mind….

If the Universe continue to just emerge from and merge into this divine consciousness in the chronicles of time, can we convincingly called our earth and Universe the first product of this cycle?

If Universe emerges and merges into this divine consciousness, then can anybody guess how many Universe have come and gone before our present Universe ? And how many earths which were part of those previously existed Universe have come into existence ?

There is no way by which we can tell this because every birth and death of Universe completely remove all traces of the  past Universe. A new Universe is a fresh product of divine consciousness. When it will die (or  merged into the consciousness), the divine consciousness will again give birth to a new Universe which will have a new earth and a new life. This life will belong to an entirely new Universe with no traces of past and this process will continue….again and again.

This revelation reminds us of a verse of Bhagavad-Gita. In the battleground of Kurukshetra. When Arjuna started trembling seeing his near and dear standing on the other side ready to fight with him, he felt the urge to quit and fled away from the war front. At this juncture, Lord Krishna who was his chariot says to him,

[quote]”O Arjuna, there was never a time, when you were not there. There was never a time when I or your near and dears, standing on the opposite side, were not there. And in future also, there will never be a time when you, I or these near & dears of you will not be there. “[/quote]

In entire Gita, Krishna only tries to convince Arjuna about this supreme reality, about this play of divine consciousness.

Now two questions arise in mind:

(1) If the whole Universe emanate from the supreme consciousness and again merge into it, then where this supreme consciousness reside ? At a place outside this Universe? There must be some location of this Supreme consciousness from which this Universe come out and merge into.

(2) It has been said that the wholeness comes out of wholeness, yet the wholeness remains intact. When this such a large Universe emerges from this Supreme consciousness how can this Supreme consciousness remains the same. There must be some decline in its value. It seems practical and logical from a mathematical point of view.

The above two questions are very natural to an ordinary mind which is not capable to see them  from a cosmic perspective. The fact is that we as a human being are habitual of comprehending a phenomena from our own limited perspective.

Normally when we subtract or add a part of something from or into it, its value decreases or increases. But these things (the process of addition or subtraction) happens in a plane of reference which we are able to observe from our senses. Always the addition or subtraction takes place in a third plane. Whenever there is a decrease or increase in the value of something as a result of removing or adding a part from ( or to)  it, this incident (of subtraction or addition) takes place in a surrounding which is not a part of this incident.

For example- suppose in a room, a tub full of water is placed. Adding some water into the tub or removing some water from the tub, results into  a increase or decrease in the total quantity of water. The thing to note here is that this incident ( of addition or removal of water from the tub) takes pace in tub which is not a part of this ‘change in quantity of water’. Moreover this tub is place in a room which is not a part of it. On a broader level, the intake of water into the ocean and evaporation of it from heat, results in the total quantity of water but this whole incident take place in space which is not part of this incident.

Taking example of space. If a house is built on a particular space then presence of this house on that place results in a decrease in the quality of total space available. However, this decrease in space (as a result of that house) occurred in a surrounding of the rest of the space  which is not a part of it.

When we consider the case of supreme consciousness from which the whole Universe emerge, it has to be taken into account that this emanating of Universe from supreme consciousness and its eventual merger into it does not take place in a surrounding which is not a part of it.

It simply means that the Universe itself is a manifestation of that supreme consciousness and when this Universe emerge from this supreme consciousness a part of this consciousness itself become visible in the form of the Universe. But there is no decrease in the value of this consciousness because there is no surrounding outside in which this incident takes place.

This supreme consciousness is everywhere, it is the formless foundation of all, pervaded in every particle of Universe. There is no location where it is not present. When the Universe merge into it and emanate from it, in actuality the supreme consciousness just manifest itself as Universe, thus whole value of consciousness remains intact as there is no surrounding where it is not present.

From absolute, if an absolute emerge, the absolute remains as there is nothing beyond the absolute. All those who meditate can experience the presence of this supreme consciousness in them. The entire world, the whole Universe and all its activities are the continuous play of this supreme consciousness in the eternal chronicles of time !

The Universe will continue to born and die, earth and planets like earth had existed in the past and will continue to flourish in future. Since from a human perspective (according to which we have a limited period of time on earth in which we all see childhood, youth & old age) there is a measurement of happening, known as time. And as such there has been a particular duration (in terms of time) between birth and death of Universe.

Om Shanti Shanti. Let there be peace, peace and peace !

The recitation of peace chant is the natural consequence of this understanding. If there is a cyclic play of supreme consciousness( God) is going on, then what is our place in this play ? On this cosmic level, we are just like waves of ocean. Wave emerge and merge into the ocean. This play is continue and the ocean remains intact as it is. So there is no need for panic, tensions or any kind of ill thinking.

In this cosmic scale, everything belongs to that super consciousness, everything manifests from it and ultimately merge into it. Contemplate on this truth, feel it from the perspective of your own life experience. There will be no reason for sorrow. Let there be calm. Accept the function of this cosmic game and learn to align your life with this universal choreographer. Let there be peace, let there be peace.

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[do action=”insert-hand”/]  Time Energy Space: TES Hypothesis

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Time Energy Space: TES Hypothesis

A picture of Cosmos from NASA
The whole cosmos is Time, Energy and Space


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he whole cosmos is made up of three things: Time, energy and space.

The TES hypothesis is inherently obvious, fundamental, and in harmony with a state of mind that values both science and religion. It declares that the universe and all of its manifestations are created by time-energy-space , the TES. Even such ethereal phenomena as love, compassion, souls, and consciousness are all products of this singular and universal being.

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There are forms of energy and dimensions of space that have not yet been quantified by science (example – scientists break the light barrier). Those mysterious realities are also within the normal workings of TES and nothing in the universe is truly supernatural and beyond the laws of nature. Everything that exists is created through cycles of the TES, both on the large physical scale involving the formation of stars, galaxies, and planets, and on the subtler inner dimensions involving the evolution of souls and consciousness.

The Hindu word ‘Atman’ means the soul of life and the essence of being. The Atman is not just the individual soul but is defined as the universal soul that exists everywhere. For this discussion we will use the word Atman more strictly to designate that part of the TES that becomes conscious of itself on the grand and cosmic scale. We thus define Atman as the universal cosmic consciousness.

The vast majority of the TES exists unconsciously without feeling or life. This portion is made up of empty space, stars, and the bulk of planets. Primitive life forms that do exist on a minority of planets have a utilitarian consciousness which allows them to survive through interacting with their environment. The fundamental awareness of physical objects combined with the pleasure-pain mechanism creates the evolutionary pathway through which the unconscious TES slowly evolves into the fully conscious TES, the Atman.

When human beings become enlightened their consciousness becomes one with the Atman but they never achieve magical abilities outside of the natural laws and properties of the TES. Even telepathy and astral projection are all normal phenomena for the TES. Enlightened beings remain physically mortal but their consciousness becomes one with that which has always existed and that which will always exist in the future. The evolution of consciousness from the vast unconscious TES to the partially conscious TES, the world of plants and animals, to the fully conscious TES, the Atman, is the path to existential self-understanding.

No human being has ever known the unconscious TES directly. All that we know is within the world of consciousness. We are aware of the unconscious part of the TES only through inference. When you look at a tree you are not seeing the tree directly but rather a representation of that tree created by your own mind. Our experience of colors, smells, tastes, and sounds are all subjective creations of our mammalian neurological evolution. Thus the question: “If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, is there a sound at all?”

On the path of evolution of consciousness one progresses beyond the mere physical and neurological to a consciousness involving subtler forms of energy and unnamed dimensions of space. Even this vast and oceanic consciousness, the Atman, is a normal product of the TES. The Atman is the ultimate living creation of the TES and is inherently immortal.

As long as we feel we exist as individuals we suffer because that perception is based on a temporary neurological illusion. This illusion of an individual ‘I’ is so vulnerable that even sleep destroys it. Every time you go into deep sleep your consciousness temporarily dies and your subjective individual identity dies with it. Get rid of the feeling ‘I exist’ and you get rid of attachments which create tension, suffering, and feelings of danger.

When you focus your consciousness on that which is limited you become small and vulnerable. When you open your consciousness to experience the whole universe you become vast, limitless, and without mental anguish. Thus the art of meditation is the art of inner astronomy.
Siddhartha Gautama, the historic Buddha, is reported to have said that no soul exists. He used the term ‘Anatman’ (no-soul) as a replacement for the Hindu term ‘Atman.’ Siddhartha may have said this to discourage his disciples from becoming attached to the concept of an individual soul which could lead to selfishness. You may be tempted to care for the welfare and spiritual progress of your own soul but not value the souls of others.

Siddhartha may have also said there is no soul because the ultimate experience of the TES is so vast that there is nothing to compare it to. With no comparison possible the experience of everything feels like nothingness. How can nothingness have a soul? How can infinity have a size or a shape when by definition it has no boundaries?

The TES is so full of space that it feels like oblivion and thus many enlightened teachers have called it the Void. This feeling of the ultimate extinction of all things is cosmically erotic, and in a strange contradiction of terms, is a rich and positively charged experience. Scientifically speaking even this ultimate experience is also a subjective illusion because matter-energy and time-space do exist even if Buddhas do not perceive them in the ordinary gross physical way.

Philosophical problems arise when fundamentalist Buddhists take Siddhartha’s words so rigidly and literally that their real esoteric meanings are lost. There is no existential difference between enlightened humans born to Hindu families and enlightened humans born to Buddhist families.

Hinduism and Buddhism are different manifestations of the very same religion. Most importantly, all religions and all things are the creations of the singular being that exists, the TES, the Brahman, the God, the Tao, whichever name you prefer to call it.

The Hindu and Buddhist concept of an ultimate personal liberation, nirvana, is ridiculous if you take the idea too literally. There is some truth to this concept but it also contains a lie. Ask yourself a fundamental question. Who is going to become liberated?

What being is behind the eyes of a Buddha? The answer is time-energy-space,… the TES. Now ask yourself what being was behind the eyes of Adolf Hitler? The answer is still time-energy-space. Souls are a fact but they are just products of the TES which is our only fundamental identity.

The TES is always creating new life and new souls out of its own being. Unless the whole TES is destroyed liberation from the cycle of birth and death is impossible. The TES creates a soul and that soul experiences both joy and suffering but it is the TES having these experiences in a dream drama the TES itself creates. Therefore the goal of religion should not be liberation from life but rather how to make our life, which is an inevitable and unstoppable fact, more honest and more ecstatic.

Traditional Buddhism has failed because it has made suffering the centerpiece of our attention and escape from life our ultimate goal. When you focus your attention on something you amplify its effects. Therefore the focus of religion should be the joy of higher consciousness, not misery and suffering.

Of all the Buddhists in the history of the world how many have reached liberation? A few dozen? And who was liberated? The TES is still here creating new souls and new life. How can the TES be liberated from itself? Wouldn’t it be more psychologically healthy to define enlightenment as a way to achieve the ultimate life rather than an escape from a hopelessly miserable life?

We can honestly define nirvana as a way to make our life so big, so powerful, and so full of consciousness that no physical body can contain it. Your soul lives on without a body but life does not end and the TES continues forever.

Ask yourself if we should take this game of religion so seriously. We are the TES dreaming, asleep, awake, enlightened, unenlightened,…we are still the TES dreaming. If we make the dream as wonderful as we can that positive effort is a worthwhile religion.

Why should we be a miser with our emotions and why deny the intrinsic value of the TES? To deny our own cosmic identity is to diminish ourselves and this can only do us harm. Buddhists say “Take refuge in the Buddha,” but I say seek refuge and joy in the TES. To me the term ‘TES’ is more accurate, honest, and scientifically valid.

The word ‘TES’ is a temporary creation, as are all the holy words of ancient scripture. These are names used to designate that which is beyond any language. These are sentences designed to express that which cannot be expressed by a mountain of scholarly scriptures. No name can stick, and no philosophy can ring perfectly true, because you cannot paste a bumper sticker on a tidal wave. You cannot condense a supernova into a library.

In time all evidence that human animals existed on this earth will be washed away and new civilizations will be born on other worlds to take our place. Those new conscious beings will discover the unity of the TES, which they will call by another name in a language never spoken by any human being. The meaning, however, will be exactly the same.

A 21st Century non-religion?

Just for fun, here are ten basic precepts for a Tesian non-religion.
1) Basically agree with The TES Hypothesis, which is a soft, lovingly atheistic and science respecting form of pantheism, a minimalist path of open-mindedness and tolerance.

2) A belief in maximum meditation with minimum philosophy. When it comes to philosophy, less is more. When it comes to meditation, more is even better.

3) No Popes, no hierarchy, no theocracy, no institutions, and no fat-cat gurus riding in Rolls Royces. For Tesians even those who become enlightened remain ordinary human beings in all other respects.

4) No drugs, alcohol, mantras, chanting, or so-called “visualization meditations.” A Tesian must do nothing to cloud the consciousness.

5) A belief that we should help others physically in the real world and not just talk about compassion. Tesians understand that one can only help others from strength and wealth. Asceticism helps no one.

6) A normal, healthy sex life is encouraged. Creating traditional families with one mother and one father is appreciated as essential for the survival of the human race. The natural family unit is the best way to provide a loving atmosphere for children so they may develop a full and complete heart. Tesians do not fall for destructive societal fads and trendy but blind political correctness.

7) The cardinal sin of the Tesian way is to turn meditation into a business. No spiritual prostitutes are allowed in this non-religion because the profit motive kills the soft and sensuous living heart of meditation.

8) A Tesian does not steal, cheat, lie, or use violence except in self-defense. All the obvious traditional principles of good behavior are respected by Tesians and no pseudo-spiritual excuses are ever used to cover up bad behavior. A lie is not “Tantra,” it is just a lie. A theft is not “a device,” it is just stealing. A Tesian must do unto others as he would have others do unto him.

9) A Tesian does not judge life by branding it either a suffering or a blessing. Judgment comes from thought and memory, both of which are highly limited and cannot contain the entire universe. If you say that life is a suffering, then you are only remembering the painful moments. If you say that life is a blessing, then you are only remembering the wonderful times. The aim of the Tesian is to become a silent witness to the vastness of life, without the limiting distortions of thought, memory, and judgment.

10) The Tesian non-religion is disposable. These ten precepts are designed to be read once and then forgotten. Words are no substitute for meditation.

A concise Tesian prayer

All the stars are inside me, because I am the space.
There is no history. There is no biography.
I only exist here and now.

(Originally written by Christopher Calder)


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[do action=”insert-hand”/]   Everything is energy

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Everything is Energy

energy picture
Everything is Energy


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he scientific world is beginning to discuss what meta-physical & spiritual teaches have known for centuries that our physical universe is not really composed of any “matter at all”. Its basic component is a kind of force or essence that we call energy.

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This things appear to be solid, liquid or gas and separate from one another on the level at which our physical senses normally perceive them. On finer levels, however, atomic and subatomic levels seemingly solid (or liquid/gaseous) matter is seen as smaller and smaller particles within particles which eventually turn out to be just pure energy.

Physical we are all just energy and everything within and around us is made up of energy . We are all part of our great energy field. Things that we perceive to be solid and separate are in reality just various forms  of our essential energy which  is all. We are all one, even in a literal physical senses.

The energy is vibrating at different is vibrating at different rate and thus has different qualities from finer to denser Thought is a relatively fine, light, form of energy and therefore work very quick and easy to change. Matter is relatively denser, compact energy any thought slower to move and charge within matter there is a great variation as well. Living  flesh is relatively fine, changes quickly and is easily affected by many things.

A rock is much denser form, slower to change and more difficult to affects. Yet even rock is eventually changed and affected by external sources of energy such as fire, light, air o water. In fact all forms of energy are interrelated and can affect one another.

As you are reading this, pause for a moment and look around yourself. Everything around you is just energy in its manifested forms of solid , liquid or gas. You, yourself, are nothing but energy. Feel it . Close your eyes and imagine the pool of energy in and around you. Merge yourself in this field of energy.

After this unique section where you were given a number of ideas to contemplate upon, let us start a series on meditation techniques as contained in the ancient Sanskrit text ‘The Vigyan Bhairava Tantra’. This is a series containing 112 meditation techniques of all times.

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Read [do action=”insert-hand”/] Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

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How to be a wizard : Applying the Bhagavad Gita’s lesson in life

Here is how you can apply the lessons of Bhagavad Gita in life.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] wizard knows the laws of creation, and how to work with them.

A wizard allows synchronicity to manifest.

A wizard follows three basic principles.

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The first principle is that of wholeness. The more rested I am, the more relaxed my mind and body, the more in touch I am with my self, the more free I feel, the easier my soul, the more whole I am. And the more whole I am, the more synchronicity seems to occur. Conversely, when I am out of balance, tired, stressed, frazzled, wrapped up in concern or in some other way off center, synchronicity does not manifest nearly so abundantly.

We cannot make synchronicities happen. It is in their very nature to occur “by coincidence”. We cannot control or manipulate the world in order to create synchronicities — their source is not of this world. Yet we can encourage their appearance; we can open ourselves to them. This we do by opening to ourselves, to our inner wholeness.

A wizard allows inner wholeness to be a priority. A wizard keeps rested, relaxed, centered and clear.

A second characteristic of synchronicities is that they tend to support our needs. They seem to bring us just what we need, at just the right time. It is as if the Universe has my best interests at heart, and arranges for their fulfillment in ways which I could never have dreamt of. It is, to quote a renowned Indian teacher, “the support of nature”. We support nature by centering ourselves, and nature supports us back, providing the opportunities to fulfill our needs. This is what makes them so magical and remarkable — such a coincidence.

To allow the support of nature into our lives we need to follow the second principle of wizardry — intuition. This can be hard, because it is often difficult to know what is true intuition and what is just “stuff” seeping up from our unconscious. For me, following my intuition means following my feelings, not my thoughts.

A good example occurred one afternoon, in May 1995. I was busy writing when suddenly I had the inclination to get up and go for a walk. At first I resisted — I told myself I was meant to working. Then, when the feeling persisted, I got up and went for what I term a “random walk” — I don’t decide in advance where I am going; at each point where I have a choice, I make my choice there and then.

As I walked I noticed signs for an artist’s open day. The third time I saw the sign I decided to follow it. Wandering around the studio, looking at some wonderful sculptures, I happened to notice a guy in another room, working away on a Macintosh. I wandered in and found he was developing a web server, and wanted to do very much the same things as myself. We found we had many other interests in common, and instantly became very good friends. He offered me a place for my own web site, and a few weeks later I had my first pages up and running.

That is an example of following my intuition. If I had got on with what I thought I should be doing, we might never have met. Many things would have turned out differently, and you might not be reading this now.

It is as if cosmic choreography has already set up the coincidences. They are there waiting for us to discover them. We pick up the possibilities through some subtle mental antenna, and notice them as some vague tickling of our attention — an intuition.

And there is one more principle I have discovered. I can sit alone in my cottage in the middle of a forest, at peace in myself, centered and whole, and in touch with my intuition, yet here few coincidences occur. Significant coincidences nearly always seem to involve other people in some way. It is as if our interplay with others gives cosmic choreography greater opportunities to reach through to us.

Although we may not be able to make synchronicities happen, we can create environments that foster their occurrence. We can create an inner environment of wholeness and an openness to intention; and in our outer lives we can go and engage ourselves fully in the world, mix with the social field, go out and play. Play whatever game and role best fits our intuitions. Play it with our soul, fully. Play it in whatever way brings us inner wholeness, enjoyment and fulfillment — there is, after all, no point in suffering while we play.

This is the third principle of wizardry — a principle I call “zipping and zooming”. Playing our part in the world, and allowing cosmic choreography to play its part.

These are the three principles of wizardry: Wholeness, Intuition, and Zipping and Zooming.

And if you need a mnemonic to remember them by, simply take their initial letters, W I Z — a wizard wizzes.

By the way : Another little coincidence. The word “wizard” is one of only six words in the English language that when put in reverse alphabet code (a becomes z, b becomes y, etc) is coded as the original word in reverse, i.e. as “draziw”. It is also the longest such word — the other five being “by”, “bevy”, “grit”, “trig”, and “wold”. Interesting?

(Written by Peter Russell, , published with permission)

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