Energy Meditation : Merge yourself in the energy around you

Energy Meditation

Everything is Energy

Imagine : Everything is energy ; and

You will realize that in fact : everything is energy.

Everything , every object that we see or feel  around us is nothing but energy. We ourselves, in our fundamental form are energy.

In this technique we’ll again take the help of imagination. If you have read the technique of death meditation, you must be aware of the power of imagination.

If not then read The Power of imagination

The method : Sit in a comfortable quiet place. Make sure that nobody disturb you during the meditation.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Perform the three preliminary things before meditation. (Already described here )

Now imagine….

Imagine that  everything around you is converting into energy. Imagine that  everything which is present in the room is changing into small energy particles.

Imagine it truly. Imagine it as vividly as you can.

Imagine that the whole universe around you along with everything it contains that is all solid, liquids and gaseous objects – is turning into an energy field.

Imagine that  you have been surrounded by an ocean of energy.

Now imagine that your  body itself is disintegrating into small energy particles. Imagine that your entire body with all its organs is changing into energy.

In fact the reality is also like this. If we see the world from an ultra modern super powerful microscope, we’ll find that everything around us is nothing but energy and we all are surrounded by a pool of energy.

At the most basic level, the whole universe is nothing but a huge mass of energy present in different states of matter.

Once you imagine the hidden reality and submerged yourself in the pool of energy, you will find an inner peace of mind. You have come  home.

You will realize that this huge ocean of energy is consist of pure consciousness. The self is present everywhere in this ocean of energy.

Through mere imagination, we can verify the eternal truth of the presence of self in everything.

Remain submerged in this state of oceanic energy for 20-25 minutes. Then imagine that slowly this huge ocean of energy is again coming to its original form ( I mean the worldly perceivable form.) Imagine that everything is regaining its original shape.

Keep sitting silently for sometime.

Then open your eyes slowly and end the meditation.

What you have done is a very simple and powerful meditation technique.  In the next article, I am going to tell you about an excellent booklet on meditation.

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