Meditation Handbook : free download

Meditation Handbook : free download

Friends !  meditation handbook is an excellent piece of work on meditation. This can be used by all  as a ready reference for meditation.

This Meditation Handbook has been written by Mr. Christopher Calder who has been  a student of meditation for many years.

Originally this book was written on a single web page. However, that web page is very lengthy and  owing to poor navigational structures it is quite difficult to read the book comfortably.  I have reformatted his entire web page in the form of an attractive and easy to  navigate ebook.

{ All those who want to read the original unformatted Handbook, they can read it here. You can also read other articles by Christopher Calder on this site. ]

You will find following topics in Meditation Handbook :

1. About Handbook
2. What is Meditation?
3. Why meditate?
4. Sitting Meditation
5. The sit-stand method
6. The recliner chair method
7. What do you do while sitting?
8. A self-inquiry incantation
9. Mirror Gazing
10. Eye Gazing
11. Cathartic Dancing Meditation
13. Soul Awareness
14. Sweeping House
15. Sweeping House with a Kicker
16. You can be creative
17. The wanting mechanism
18. How long should I meditate?
19. How long does it take to become enlightened?
20. Things to do, things to avoid, and things to consider
21. Enlightenment
22. Resources for Meditation

[Please Note:  Right now, this book is available only for Windows desktop computers. So if you are reading this on a smartphone/Tablets/Mac then please read the original, raw and a bit updated version on the website of the author at this page : Meditation Handbook ]

Windows desktop users can download the book now :

Download the Meditation Handbook by  clicking  here  Meditation Handbook

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