Three Yogic aids in Meditation


Learn 3 yogic aids to speed up your meditation progress.

Let me introduce you to 3 wonderful yogic (related to yoga, the ancient self-discipline art of India) aids in meditation. These 3 aids will immensely help in learning meditation easily and quickly. These aids are – Deep breathing, Deep relaxation and Deep contraction.

Before describing them in detail , I want to answer this question :

Are these so called three aids of meditation are really significant and pre-requisite for learning meditation? “

Are these so called three aids of meditation are really significant and pre-requisite for learning meditation?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes ! they are significant for learning meditation.

And no ! because they are not a pre-requisite for meditation

People can learn meditation even without using any of the three aids with very good result. Rather most people try to meditate without the help of these 3 aids (though  many of them loose interest also on seeing no apparent results.) You can also meditate easily without taking help of these 3 aids. However in my humble opinion these three aids are really significant for learning meditation in the present life of chaos and anarchy.

Here is why these three aids viz. Deep breathing, deep relaxation and deep contraction are highly recommended for learning meditation.

Most of us have no time. Life is so busy, so complex and demanding ! At the end of the day we become physically and mentally exhausted . There is no energy or enthusiasm left for meditation. Even if we meditate somehow it does not produce any desired results as with our weary and tired bodies it becomes impossible to try any meditation technique wholeheartedly.

Well meditation can make your life relaxed, simple and less demanding.

But here is the catch-22 situation

For meditation – your life should be relaxed, simple and less demanding.

And it will be relaxed, simple and less demanding when you meditate…..phew !

What to do.. Is there any way!!!????

We can’t change our home or workplace. No one can flee away from domestic responsibility. We can’t quit/ shift our job. We will continue to face on daily basis the problems on domestic as well as work front. So this cannot be an alternative.

However, a sincere attempt can be made by trying to include these three simple practices in your life : the practice of Deep Breathing, Deep Relaxation and Deep Contraction.

These three aids of Deep Breathing, Deep Relaxation and Deep Contraction are the practical essence of yoga- the ancient art of far east, the most potent of all self improvement disciplines developed and perfected over centuries by sages and wise men of India.

These three aids are self sufficient in themselves. Each one of them is so powerful that a separate book can be written on each.

While it is true that these aids are more to do with maintaining a good health than learning  meditation, their wonderful effects on body and their striking similarities with many meditation techniques are the reasons as to why I am making such high recommendations of them. Many meditation techniques like Vipassana, Pause Breath and Death Meditation have their basis in these techniques.

The regular practice of Deep breathing, Deep Relaxation and Deep Contraction will bring dramatic ( in many cases almost miraculous, changes) in you and these three aids are extremely simple to adopt. Your life will become relaxed, simple and less demanding. In the coming articles, I have explained these three aids in details.  I have no hesitation in claiming that by the active use of these 3 yogic aids , your body and mind will start helping you in meditation instead of the other way around.

Now we shall learn these three wonderful aids in meditation. My advise is that you proceed one-by-one starting from Deep Breathing.

hand Deep Breathing : First aid in Meditation