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One last thing about meditation

So up to now, I have elaborated on the meditation, its meaning , the benefits you’ll derive from it, the concept of self, the reason for failure in achieving meditating state, the way to remove this failure and the 3 very important aids of meditation i.e. Deep breathing, deep relaxation and deep contraction. From the next chapter I am going to take you into the world of some of the greatest meditation techniques of all times.

Then there will be no deviation, no exhortation, only meditation techniques explained in a simple manner Since you are going to enter into this vast field of meditation, before you leap and start doing meditation, I want to tell you, one last thing which you must be keep in mind while doing any meditative exercise.

As already mentioned (in what is meditation ), the aim of meditation is to realize our true self. Though the true aspect of our existence in the universe is our self, as a lay person we can only see (and feel)  our body and mind whereas actually there are 3 aspect of existence, the body , the mind and the self. Since we are aware of only body and mind, in meditation our single minded aim should be to identify this 3rd aspect of self, to recognize it, to feel it as the 3rd aspect of our being apart from body and mind.

When you start recognizing this 3rd aspect of your self as a separate identity from your body and mind, only then you can claim to be succeeding in meditation. Because although for language & simplicity’s sake I have called it 3rd aspect of your being, it is the self only which is  true aspect of our identity. It is this so called 3rd aspect self which is your real nature, the foundation of your presence in this world.

Let me tell you why I am again explaining so much about self to you.. Remember this : ‘


So whichever meditation techniques you will be using always enter into that technique by keeping an aim of identifying the self through it. Always keep an attitude of witness while meditating.  You are a witness. I mean your self is a witness in you. Everything is changing in this world. So many changes are going on in this world, around yourself in your life, in your country, in your family, in your city ; the change is continue. And whatever is happening , there is someone in you who is witnessing those changes. This witness is your ‘self’. Once you were a child, this witness was there in you watching everything.

You attained teen age, that witness was there watching you. Now you may be at any stage of your life, but this witness is still within you. And one day you will die, but then also this witness will be there. And believe me from birth till death this witness remains intact. Your body and mind will perish but this witness will be there. It’ll only change its form. This witness is your true self. Your true identity. The whole purpose of meditation is to aware you about your true identity, about your self.

So whichever meditation technique you try, always do it with the aim of identifying that witness. I hope you get my point But if you are still in some doubt what I mean  by ‘identifying this witness’ the very first meditation techniques ( Death Meditation)  will make it crystal clear.

But before that  you should learn three things.

hand 3 things that will take you into meditation instantly

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