Death Meditation : Meet your death before you die actually

The Death meditation technique is one of my favorites meditation techniques. This meditation is not only very easy but also a great rejuvenating yogic exercise for our body. It is a very simple yet very powerful technique which introduce you to your death before you die actually.

There is one fact of life which is universally applicable to all of us :

All of us will die one day.

Death is an absolute realty of life. Everybody who has come, will have to go one day.  However one part of our existence will never die.

When you die….

Your physical body will merge into the chemistry of our planet.

Your mind will cease to exist.

The seven chakras of your body will disintegrate and merge into the cosmos.

..and each and everything that constitute your personality in this world – your success, your failure, your friends, your enemies, your joy, your sorrows, your ambitions, plans and just about everything which you now consider as your own will lost its relevance.

However… One thing will remain intact. One thing will be there untouched, ‘as it is’ even in death, even after death….. that thing is your real identity, the true foundation of your existence – Self.

In this meditation, you will realized this eternal aspect of your existence – self in you.

For this meditation we’ll use a very important & powerful tool available to mankind. This tool is ‘Imagination’ .

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein  

Do you know what is imagination ? It is nothing but going into a belief so deeply that the belief itself becomes a reality. Many meditation techniques ( particularly those developed in Tibet ) are based on imagination. In the spiritual world the concept of higher reality prevails over the perceivable reality. The boundary between what is real and what is illusion gets so blurred in higher spiritual plane that one has to take the shelter of imagination to understand it .Before telling you about meditation, I want to tell you some more about the power of imagination

Try this small test of your imagination

Here is a small test of your imagination. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you bring all of your imagination into it.

Do this test by visualizing every step in your mind as vividly as you can .

Lets start…

Imagine ( really imagine ) that you are standing in your kitchen holding an apple that you have just taken out from the refrigerator.

Imagine as vividly as possible….

The apple feels cold in your hand. Look at the outside of it, its red skin. It is a fresh, smooth, spotless and perfectly red apple. Rotate it in your hand and feel its firmness and strength. (visualize this ) Now raise the apple to your nose and smell it. Nothing smells quite like a fresh juicy apple, does it? Now cut the apple into half and smell it. (Imagine it as intensely as you can )

Keep imaging..

The odor is pleasant and fresh. Now bite deeply into apple and let the sweet juicy stuff swirl around in your mouth. Nothing tastes quite sweet like an apple either, does it?

At this point, if you have used your imagination well, your mouth will be watering.

Words “mere” words affected your salivary glands ! Those words that did not even reflect reality, but something you imagined ! When you read those words about the apple you were telling your brain that you had an apple, though you didn’t have it actually. Your brain took it seriously and said to your salivary glands, “This person is biting an apple. Hurry, wash it away.” the glands obeyed.

Most of us think that the words we use  reflect meanings and that meaning can be good or bad, true or false, powerful or weak. True, but that is only half of it. Words do not just reflect reality, they ‘create’ reality, just like the flow of saliva in the above experiment.

I hope you have now recognized the power of imagination.  We’ll use the same power in Death Meditation. If you have practiced deep relaxation, you must be aware of Shavasana (theCorpse pose), you’ll find it very similar to that. Even if you have not practice it, you will be able to meditate quite easily as this meditation \technique is very easy.

Let us learn about Death Meditation in some more detail: –

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