Preparation for Death Meditation

In this article, you will learn the simple yet powerful technique of death meditation which one of the easiest and effective meditation techniques for relaxing the body and entering into a deep meditative state.

Basically, there are two steps of Death Meditation technique:

(1) First you will relax yourself completely.

(2) You’ll imagine (visualize step by step ) that you are dying. And this very process will take you to the witness – the self within you.

This technique is a very powerful technique but requires a detailed understanding of the process. You are requested to read and understand everything carefully before trying this technique. These steps are very important.

The important factors in trying this technique are timing, duration and place. Therefore, first of all I am elaborating on them.

Timing: The best time for doing death meditation is either early morning or at late evening. If done early morning it’ll help insure a good serene day. A late evening session, on the other hand,  will be a good preamble to a restful night’s sleep. This technique is extremely beneficial for working people, students and all those having a predominantly mental /sedentary occupation. This meditation technique will tremendously help you rejuvenate you and restore all your lost mental and physical energy as if  like a magic trick !

Duration: The death meditation technique will not take more than half an hour. Once you start doing it, you will realize that an investment of 30 minutes on this meditation technique is one of the most valuable investment of time you can ever make. The benefit of this 30 minute technique will amaze you.

Place: Ideally, while  trying death meditation, you should meditate in a separate closed room where you are alone. Further, make sure that no one disturb you while you meditate. Ask your family members (or your friends if living in a Hostel) not to disturb you during your meditation session. You need a silent environment for this meditation to ensure least distraction. Try to minimize every type of sound in the room. Switched off mobile phone, radio and television etc. It may sounds like stretching the point too much but, if possible, please switched off your wall clock also. In the moment of complete silence, even the ticking of a clock appears very annoying.

The best position for death meditation is Savasana ( a yogic posture also known as the corpse pose ) and the best place is floor. If it is not possible to meditate on floor, then choose a hard bed preferably one with a wooden board. Please do not meditate on a soft bed. You will not be able to relax on it completely . Moreover it’ll lull you to sleep which is not your aim.

( If for some reasons it is not possible for you to find a separate room , then identify a corner in any room and meditate there. Make all efforts to ensure that nobody disturbs you while you mediate there. )

Clothes: Your clothes should be comfortable. In fact the less you have on the better. Make sure you are not annoyed by a tight belt, a stiff collar, a girdle, a brassiere or anything that might make you unduly conscious of being physically confined. On the other hand you must not feel cold. If the room is cold, make it warm by heating. It is impossible to meditate properly while chilly.

Now let me take you into the depth of this amazing meditation:

Click here hand   Death Meditation: The method

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