Meditation Techniques

Welcome to Meditation Technique Area. Here you will find a detailed list of all the meditation techniques provided on this website. I request you to please read every article one by one for better  grasping of the subject.

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Let us Meditate

Instructions on timing, place and postures in Meditation

In this chapter, you will learn some important do’s and don’t in meditation. These are basic guidelines which an absolute beginner should follow if he/she wants to be proficient in the art of meditation. Read it here

Central point of every meditation technique

In this chapter, you will learn the only thing which you must be keep in mind while doing any meditation exercise. Read it here

3 conscious thoughts to super accelerate your meditation practice

In this chapter, you will learn about the 3 thoughts which you contemplate consciously before starting any meditation. These thoughts, though not exactly comes under the definition of meditation, act as a strong catalyst in achieving a meditation state. Read about them here

Meditation Techniques Collection

Here is a collection of some of the most effective and simple meditation techniques of all times. These meditation techniques are extremely suitable for  the busy people of 21st century who don’t have the time to go into the deeper study of this vast subject. I hope that all those, who  try these meditation techniques, will find  them extremely useful and easy. These meditation techniques can play a very important role in taking you firmly in the right direction of spiritual path.  I wish you good luck  in your inner journey !

Here and Now Meditation  

An extremely easy and powerful meditation technique which can be tried anywhere, anytime. The super powerful method for the people of 21st century. Learn this technique here

Death Meditation 

A meditation on the realty of death. A very simple ye extremely powerful meditation technique that uses the power of imagination to make you aware of the impermanence of this world.   Learn this technique here.


The almost magical meditation of Gautama Buddha that uses the power of breathing to take you into a meditative state. Learn this technique here.

Mantra Meditation

Use the power of sound for meditation. Learn this technique here.

Dynamic Meditation 

The original meditation technique of Osho. Learn this technique here.

Perception Method : This too will pass 

One answer for all questions. Learn this technique here.

Trataka : The meditation of third eye

Your third eye is hungry for awareness ! Learn this technique here.

Zen Meditation of just sitting

Learn the meditation from Zen tradition. Learn this technique here

Energy Meditation

Everything is energy ! Merge yourself into it. Learn this technique here.

Transcendental Meditation 

Read an independent view on Transcendental Meditation. Learn this technique here.

Chakra Meditation 

A definitive guide for Absolute Beginners  (from the blog).  Learn this technique here.

Meditation Handbook

A student’s masterpiece containing excellent information on meditation.  Read the book here

A different approach to meditation 

“See the world from a cosmic perspective and you will be in meditation ! ” Learn this new approach to meditation here.

112 Meditation Techniques of ‘Vigyan Bhairav Tantra’ 

Learn 112 Meditation techniques from this 4000 year old ancient text on Meditation. Read the classic and unforgettable commentaries of Osho on this masterpiece of Meditation. Learn these techniques here.