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Meditation Boost Pain Tolerance : New Study

A new study has revealed that Practicing Zen meditation may help thicken certain brain regions and lessen your sensitivity to pain. For this study, researchers recruited 17 meditators and 18 non-meditators. To measure the participants’ pain sensitivity, the researchers applied a heated plate to each individual’s calf. In analyzing brain scans of the study members, […]

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Walking Meditation Made Easy

Often I think why There are many forms of walking meditation. In this post I’ll introduce you to an age-old technique that’s as easy as it’s effective. I recommend that you start indoors where there are fewer distractions, however once you got some experience you can practice outdoors too. It’s easier to do walking meditation […]

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Your First Step in Meditation

When somebody decided to start meditation, first question that baffles him is how to begin on his path. The first step in meditation is extremely important to maintain the enthusiasm in coming days. If in the beginning you get some success in meditating, the same will inspire you to continue meditation for long. It will […]

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