Understanding the mind through meditation

Question : Are there any techniques or ways in which I can use to help me better understand the mind and not fight it, instead to just understand it watch it and then perhaps eventually it will fix it self?

Answer : There is no technique which can help you if you fight with the mind. Fighting with the mind will only make it more powerful. Try to control the mind forcefully and get ready to fail. Thoughts are food of the mind. And when we become associated with these thoughts, we increase the power of the mind. The only way to control the mind is to be watchful of it’s activity without involving ourselves in it. You need to be a witness of the mind; a witness who observe the mind yet not become one with it. There are many meditation techniques which I have described in the meditation corner. One technique is the ‘Here and Now‘ (which probably you are trying these days) the other technique is Vipassana, the one more is ‘Zen meditation‘.

Mediation is not that difficult my friend. A little bit of practice and a little bit of genuine effort on regular basis – this is all you require. Slowly as you keep practicing it, you’ll start understanding various nuances of the mind and the method to ‘fix’ it. I as a second person can only give you advise to certain extent. Ultimately, we all have to tread our path on our own. The spiritual progress is just like that.