Ego and mind : Are they same ?

Question: Then there is the ego, I get confused between the mind and ego, I feel they are one yet not one at the same time. From what I understand mind and ego are natural but because of conditioning of society the super Ego and unclear mind has developed. Is it as simple as just watching the super ego and unclear mind act? In the act of witness and watching in neutrality letting it do what it does either good or evil, in watching eventually the super ego and unclear mind will dissolve?

Answer : Ego, in it’s purest form, if we see it closely, is nothing but a very basic feeling that we exists. Ego is what we can call a necessary evil just like the force of friction in the Physics. Ego derives all our worldly activities, it inspires the men to reach the moon and beyond. It motivates us to work hard and achieve success. Ego is what make us feel that we are here. However, it also has a negative tendency to flatten and become big in size. It gives people the false belief that they are the most important person on earth. It corrupts brilliant minds to make evil plans of conquering the world, to enter into a blind race of ambition, fame and glory. In short, it can become very dangerous if not controlled through meditation and contemplation.

Even the enlightened persons have ego. But they have the very basic form of ego. Their ego is limited to sustaining the body for it’s worldly needs like eating, drinking etc. This minimum level of ego is necessary to complete once life period on earth. However, their ego is very controlled and minimal. They don’t feel proud on getting enlightenment, they don’t feel any sense of victory. They just understand the truth that all desires are nothing but an act to enhance this ego. For them no desire remains unfilled because in the first place they no desire emanates from their mind . They have achieved a calm state of true self and don’t need any world satisfaction be it fame or fortune.

So a basic form of ego will remain in all of us. It will be necessary for us to survive. What you need to do is to be watchful of game of the ego and the mind. The mind creates thoughts, these thoughts produce desires which in turn strengthen the ego and make it big – a super ego. As your watch this game as a witness, without becoming a part of this game, you’ll be able to control the mind and the ego.