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Act of kindness

How Acts of Kindness Can Help You Grieve

An act of kindness Grief is an intensely personal experience, with each of us having to find our own way to get through the worst days. There are, of course, methods recommended to help us. For some, formal counselling can provide us with a valuable sounding board and an expert to provide coping mechanisms. For […]

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Meditation still is my torch

Meditation has been my guiding force It has been a long time, well almost more than a year,since I wrote anything on this blog. It was never intentional. But I was so englufed in my life responsibilities that I could not find time for writing. Though, a feeling of guilt is there inside me to […]

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life : A Must Read

                  The life is full of ups and down. Moreover, often we observe that the life is not equal. Everybody has his fair share of sorrows- his own cross to bear. The happiness comes and go. Te sadness comes and go. And the life moves on. Often […]

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Hercolubus Or Red Planet – Free Book

This is a guest post by Cristhiano of Alcione Association Everybody knows that it is possible for us to develop intellectual or artistic skills. In the same way, any human being who carries out a work upon themselves can develop spiritual abilities unknown to common people. There are many latent faculties within us and those, […]

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Namaskar ! Its existence

Hello my dear friends, After a very long gap, I have come back again to my favorite website. Indeed for me it is a second home. I feel so comfortable when I come and write some stuff here. So where I was all these days ? Well I was right here in India. Just involved […]

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Life Lessons from Steve Jobs

Life is small and we all shall die one day. Yet we never think about this stark reality and keep living like robots. The message from of the universe is : Go Slow. Do what you Love. You are not here for eternity. I request you to kindly read the following life changing speech given by […]

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