Namaskar ! Its existence

Hello my dear friends,

After a very long gap, I have come back again to my favorite website. Indeed for me it is a second home. I feel so comfortable when I come and write some stuff here.

So where I was all these days ?

Well I was right here in India. Just involved and busy in my life. Doing some works which are not particularly related to meditation but has some close connection with my personal life.

Once I read some where that when you find yourself surrounded with situations which are beyond your control, those unavoidable situations where you just can’t do much – in all such situation make a realization that – Oh this is existence !!

This is existence who just came and disturb me.

This is existence who is crying, laughing and shouting at me.

This is existence who just pulled a big horn and made such a big noise.

This is existence who just compelled me to go to the market and buy some vegetable when I was expecting to mediate and contemplate on life.

In Hindi we called it ‘Astitava’ – the existence.

You need to embrace it with all its facets. A big yes to life means a big yes to existence.

You can’t fight with a storm. You’ll have to learn to play with that storm so that you can ride over it.

Make this existence your friend- not enemy. And you’ll be at peace.

May God bless you all !