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Yes ! Meditation is easy !

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In  plain simple English : Meditation simplified.

For a long time people considered meditation as an esoteric subject of elderly which  deserved a try only after retirement. Thankfully, the situation is changing fast. As  more and more scientific research on meditation are showing its remarkable positive effects on our mind & body, people of all age groups have started taking  interest in meditation. Now there are management schools where meditation is taught as a compulsory subject. The classes of meditation are being conducted in every part of the world.

The most modern doctors of world’s best health institutions are recommending the daily practice of meditation to their patients. What was once consider a part of religion, is now taking a centre stage in our most demanding worldly activities. Now  meditation is globally recognized as an essential tool for stress reduction and mental peace. (See latest research reports on Meditation in Meditation News – our new section)

This increase in its awareness in the society is beneficial for everybody on our  planet as the very process of meditation brings unity and brotherhood among people. As more and more people  recognize their true identity through meditation, there will be an increase in the awareness to recognize the presence of same supreme consciousness in everybody.

This website is my humble effort to present the knowledge of meditation to busy people of today in a simple and  easy to understand language. However, it is also true that different people have different temperament and do not share the same spiritual advancement level. Therefore, despite trying my best to put the knowledge of meditation in a simple language, I can not claim with hundred percent surety that anybody who reads this website will become an expert in meditation. Well, to make everybody an expert in meditation is not also the aim of this website. The basic aim of this website is :

“To provide, in a simple language, the correct knowledge of meditation to common people  of today so that they can learn it and use it in their life.”

The website is a sort of living book and requires an active involvement on the part of the reader. If it is your first visit and you have just  glanced through the website  without trying anything mentioned here, please  read the articles again and grasp the knowledge of meditation in depth. The meditation instructions and techniques mentioned here require few words but demand unlimited after thoughts. You can not evaluate their effectiveness unless you try them. You should try these meditation techniques for getting some real benefit from them. (Please read disclaimer below)

On this website you will learn everything you should know about meditation :

What is the exact meaning of meditation and what are its benefits,

What is not meditation and a detailed analysis of why people can’t meditate despite trying seriously.

The miraculous yogic techniques of ‘Deep Breathing‘, ‘Deep Relaxation‘ (Yog Nidra) and ‘Deep Contraction‘ which are  invaluable aids in mediation and make the process of meditation extremely easy even in the most difficult and demanding situations

Detailed instructions on ‘timing, place and postures in meditation,  and

A number of easy and effective meditation techniques such as Vipassana, Mantra meditation, ‘Here and now meditation’, the original dynamic meditation of Osho, the death meditation ( involving the corpse pose – Shava Asana), the use of ‘Hare Krishna Mantra‘ in meditation, Trataka – the meditation of third eye, The meditation of perception,  the meditation handbook (containing more than 10 powerful meditation techniques) and energy meditation. Please also read our new series on ‘Vigyan Bhairav Tantra‘ – the 4000 years old ancient Indian text which is considered as masterpiece of meditation.

Besides the traditional meditation methods, read about  a different approach to meditation where you will be presented with some intense ideas to meditate upon.   Ideas from ancient texts and modern theories such as from Bhagavad Gita, Isavasyopanishad, Gaia theory, TES (Time Energy Space) Hypothesis, and Energy concept etc. These ideas will help you attain a cosmic perspective for life and will prove to be an excellent source of meditation.

Apart from meditation, you will find a great collection of valuable  tips to make your life stress free. We  regularly cover a diverse range of topics on the broad theme of self development on our blog.

We also have a dedicated section on the concept of Binaural Beats – the science behind Brainwave Entrainment. You will not find such a unique introduction on this phenomenon anywhere on Internet.

We also have an estore where you can ut best selling books on meditation, yoga etc.

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