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Life-changing Effects of Meditation

A woman doing mindfulness meditation You’ve probably seen celebrities on TV vouching for the life-changing effects of practicing meditation regularly. And you might be a bit skeptical. After all, your reasoning could be that those people have everything they could ever want. And if that’s the case what could possibly put their psychological or emotional […]

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Mindfulness and Brain

How Does Mindful Meditation Affect Your Brain

  How is it possible to make changes to our brain? Instead of going online or playing another game on your phone, try quieting down your mind. Not possible instantly! However, try to pay attention to your thoughts and remain passive without reacting. Research over the years proves that just a few minutes of meditation may […]

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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation: A fresh relook

Hi, When I started this website, I wrote an article on Benefits of Meditation. It is still there and covers the main benefits of meditation in a short summarized form. While this article gives you a broad idea, it is somewhat lacking in presenting the scientific researches on the measurable benefits of meditation that have […]

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