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What is this free CD/DVD and what’s the catch?

Before telling you about this free CD/DVD and why I am saying you to get it, I want to tell you a small story.

This actually is not a story. It is a real life incident which happened in 1952.

In 1952, there was a man, aged 42, by the name Lester Levenson who lived in America. He was a physicist and successful entrepreneur enjoying life to his fullest. He was at the pinnacle of his worldly success in those days. However, he started to get some health problems which aggravated to a serious level very soon. Suddenly he found himself suffering from a bunch of serious health problems such as depression, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyperacidity, and ulcers that had perforated his stomach and formed lesions. His condition became so worse that after his second surgery, his doctors sent him home in New York to die. He was told that at best he had only three months with him and he should be mentally prepared for the death.

However, this man was not an ordinary guy who gave up easily. He was a determined fellow who loved challenges. Instead of giving up, he decided to fight back and to find within himself some answers to his problems. He went within to understand how his mind works and how his emotions control almost every part of his life.

In his inner journey of his own mind, he made a curious discovery.

He found that his life is a direct outcome of various positive and negative emotions that emanated from his inner core. The more positive his emotions related to a particular task, the more positive was the outcome of that task. And the same was true for negative emotions. The more negative the emotion, the more negative was the outcome related to that emotion. While he was observing this phenomenon of emotions, he found a very simple method to let go of negative emotions quickly and permanently. He found that once we get rid of these negative emotions which create many inner limitations in our life, we become focused, calm, full of positive energy and thoughts.

Lester intensively used his new discovery on himself for a period of three months and slowly removes all negative and limiting emotions from his mind. The result was a miracle. By the end of three months, his body became totally healthy again. Furthermore, he entered a state of profound peace that never left him till the last moment of his life on January 18, 1994

What Lester actually discovered firsthand is that we all are unlimited beings, limited only by the concepts of limitation that we hold in our minds. These concepts of limitation are not true; furthermore, because they’re not really true, they can easily be released or discharged.

In short..

He found a way of letting go of our negative emotions – quickly and permanently.

Lester did not stop on himself. He decided to share this knowledge with others for the benefit of mankind. As a result, he began working with people, both in small groups and individually. Slowly his method stated gaining popularity and the number of people who wanted to learn this increased to a great level. However, owing to an increase in number of his students, Lester realized that it was not possible for him to personally counsel everyone. It simply was not possible. . So, in 1973, Lester realized that his teachings needed to be formalized into a system that he could allow others to teach—leaving him out of the equation. Thus a way to transform his powerful techniques for personal growth into a non-sectarian do-it-yourself system was devised, which is now called The Sedona Method.

Sedona : It actually is a French name which means – a form of Sidonie (from Saint-Denis, France). Sedona is a very rare female first name and a very rare surname

The Sedona Method is a unique, elegant, simple-to-master and very powerful tool that enables you to uncover your natural ability to “let go” of painful, unwanted, counterproductive feelings in the moment i.e. right before this negative feelings can do any damage to your inner peace, happiness, stability, relationships, goals and success.

It consists of a very easy-to-follow step-by-step process that leads you to a profound awareness of what you are feeling in the moment, and then gently guides you into the experience of letting all your negative, self-sabotaging feelings go. This method is really a great tool to help people ease away their loneliness, depression and negative feelings.

Feeling of Déjà vu ?

Well if you have read this website for sometime, you can easily understand that Sedona method is actually a meditation technique which helps us get rid of our negative emotions and realize our true self.

Yet, this meditation technique is really very easy and it is often considered as one of the world’s most effective and powerful tool. This is not a new fly-by-night self-help method, which secretly aims to extract cash from gullible users. The Sedona training program has been running continuously for nearly thirty years which it self validates the long-running interest in the material being taught. Further it has a very clear & solid spiritual basis.

You can learn Sedona method by ordering their free 2-Hour Long Sedona Method DVD. Plus a FREE Introductory CD & INSTANT MP3! This is an introductory course which itself is very powerful and gives you an overall summary of this entire method.

So what’s the catch ?

Well the catch is that you need to pay the shipping cost of this package. This DVD package will be delivered to you any where in the world for a very nominal fee. The domestic shipping (for US & Canada) is $6.95 and International Shipping is $9.95.

Apart from this small fee of shipping cost, there actually is no cost (except the time It will take you to watch the DVD and read the material.)

This is really a very good method. I recommend you to try it.

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