Anybody can meditate

Anybody Can Meditate

Anybody Can Meditate

Well if someone asks you, “Can you mediate?”

Your answer should be an emphatic yes. Because if you have understand clearly what is meditation, then you can meditate.

Anyone can meditate, anytime, anywhere !

“Meditation is a systematic way of making our mind quiet so that we can contact our true identity -self, which is the source of everlasting  joy, bliss and peace.”

If you are reading or listening  the articles on this website, then two things are certain:

(a) You have a mind by which you are grasping the meaning of what is written


(b) You know how to read or listen.

That’s all you require to meditate. No matter who you are, where you live or what you do –  you also are the part of same consciousness that dwells in everybody. The same supreme self reside in you as it reside in others.

You can meditate : easily and quickly.

Remember you don’t have to find your true self. It is already present in you. Through meditation you have to just realize that it exist.

And realizing that is not at all difficult. Just read this book and follow the instructions honestly and you will be on your way to be a skilled meditator. You will be able to meditate anywhere, anytime !

Let us start by knowing benefits of meditation

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