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No time to meditate. Really?

When we are busy, we find it difficult to meditate. There are many reasons for it. A busy home schedule, busy working hours, demanding boss, demanding wife, naughty kids and many other distracting things. Most of us are not multi-millionaires having all the facilities of life at our disposal. We have to work hard to […]

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Why you can’t learn meditation?

If you are thinking as to why, despite making so much effort on meditation, you are not able to meditate, then read on because what you are going to read may be a revelation for you. The single most important reason for our failure in meditation is our inability     to make it a part of […]

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Mistakes Meditation Beginners make

In this article I am going to discuss a common mistake made by meditation beginners. It is a very common mistake and, in the beginning, almost everyone tend to make this. This mistake is : to quit at the first disappointment. Meditation beginners who could not find time to meditate, who could not focus on […]

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