Mistakes Meditation Beginners make

In this article I am going to discuss a common mistake made by meditation beginners. It is a very common mistake and, in the beginning, almost everyone tend to make this.

This mistake is : to quit at the first disappointment. Meditation beginners who could not find time to meditate, who could not focus on breath, who could not control their mind, who could not sit quietly for a few minutes – they all tend to quit. All these beginners develop some misconception about their ability to meditate. They think that they are not capable of meditating and the meditation is not for them.

For all these people, my advice is to not loose heart and never quit so early. Having a proper Meditation routine is something which takes some time to develop. As you begin meditation, you’ll incorporate the daily practice of meditation in your daily schedule. This will require making some changes in your present schedule. As such, adapting to a new schedule will mean a change in your habits and as such the same will require some effort on your part. You will have to be mentally prepared for that.

Often meditation beginners becomes impatient and start making opinion about their ability to meditate. This attitude is not correct and may prove harmful in the long run. Just like any other thing in life, we all learn new things by small steps. Even the most popular meditation experts were a beginner at some point of time. Having a calm and focused approach is most essential part of meditation. You must know that difficulties will definitely come. But they will not be able to shatter your determination to learn meditation- that must be the spirit.

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