Why you can’t learn meditation?

If you are thinking as to why, despite making so much effort on meditation, you are not able to meditate, then read on because what you are going to read may be a revelation for you.

The single most important reason for our failure in meditation is our inability     to make it a part of our daily routine. It may sound too simplistic an answer but in reality it is an uncomfortable truth.

You need to work consistently to make meditation a daily habit. Doing meditation itself is not that difficult. The difficult thing is to doing it daily. In other words, it is related to your overall life style and how you change it.

I may sound a bit superficial but what I am saying has emanated from my  own personal experience. If you have not yet started doing meditation daily, I request you to give it a real genuine chance and  try to allocate at least 10 minutes of your daily routine for meditation. You will be surprised when you try it in real.

Allocating a short span of 10 minutes a day for meditation is something which a majority of people can not do.

As such Meditation is easy but only when you make up your mind and actually start doing it regularly. Being regular is tough and difficult, meditation is not.