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The aim of this website is simple: To help people learn meditation.

In a nut shell, this site is the synthesis of most practical & useful techniques of meditation and yoga being practiced by people the world over since time immemorial.

However, the  the entire concept of Meditation has been described here in plain simple English in what many people considered as an ‘idiot friendly approach !

In order to take maximum benefit from this website, you should read it in a step by step manner. Here is a brief intro of how you should start  :-

The main section on meditation has been divided into three parts :

(1) Introduction : This section contains the most basic info about meditation which is a must to have a clear understanding of meditation. This section contains following topics which you should read one by one:-

Meditation Intro

What is NOT Meditation

What is Meditation

Self-soul of meditation

Knowing the knower

How meditation started

Anybody can meditate

Benefits of Meditation

Failure in meditation :
A detailed analysis

(2) 3 Yogic Aids in Meditation : This section contains the info about three yogic aids to meditation viz. Deep Breathing, Deep Relaxation, Deep Contraction and . These three aids will accelerate your meditation practice to a new level. They are not actually part of meditation, but act as an effective catalyst to deepen our meditation practice. This section contains following topics :

Three yogic aids
in meditation

Deep Breathing

Deep Relaxation

Deep Contraction

Adopting three yogic
aids in life

(3) Meditation Techniques : This section contains the main part of this website – a collection of powerful and easy meditation techniques, all explained in detail in a plain simple English ! This section contains the following topics and techniques :

Instructions for timing, place & posture in meditation

Central point of every meditation technique

Three conscious thoughts to accelerate your meditation practice

Meditation Techniques

‘Here & now’ Meditation

Death Meditation


Mantra Meditation

Dynamic Meditation

Perception Meditation This too will pass

Trataka – The Meditation of third eye

Zen meditation

Energy Meditation

Meditation Handbook

A different approach to meditation

112 Meditation techniques of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (A huge section containing 112 techniques )

(4) Blog : All the above mentioned three sections are supplemented/expanded in our blog by way of new articles on various topics of yoga, meditation and self development. Our blog is an ongoing journal which keeps you updtated about the latest trends, news and articles on meditation and other related topics.

Read our blog here : Meditation is Easy- Blog

(5) Instant Meditation : This section contains an entire different outlook on meditation by way of utilizing the phenomenon of Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment. Apart from explaining in detail all that you should know about Biaural beats, we also recommend some ready to use products (affiliate links) that we ourselves have found very useful for meditation. This section contains following topics:

Instant Meditation : The Brainwave Entrainment & Binaural Beats phenomena

The Concept Behind Binaural Beats

Brainwaves Frequencies and their characteristics

Entrainment : The universal law of harmony

Binaural Beats : What are they and how they are produced

Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

Products based on Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats Products Catalogue

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I wish you success in your spiritual journey !