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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra : Meditation Technique No. 96

Abide in some place endlessly spacious, clear of trees, hills, habitations. thence comes the end of mind pressures.

Before we enter this technique three other points about loneliness must be understood. One: to be alone is basic, foundational — that is how your being is. In the mother;s womb you are alone, totally alone, and psychologists say that the hankering for nirvana, for enlightenment, for salvation, for paradise, is really a deep imprinted memory of the experience of the mother;s womb. You have known it — the total aloneness — and the bliss of it.

You were alone, you were God. No one else was there. No one disturbed you, no one interfered. Alone, you were the master. With no conflict the peace was intrinsic. Silence was there, no language. You were deep in yourself. You are not consciously aware of the fact but it is deeply imprinted, it is there hidden in the unconscious.

Because of this, psychologists say that