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Namaste & Welcome

Namaste & Welcome

Welcome to meditation corner.  Learn everything you will ever need for learning & practicing meditation. !!

Owing to the wonderful effects meditation produces in our life,  most people want to meditate. However,  a very demanding and busy life style does not allow most of them  to find some time for meditation.

If you :

> Want to meditate    ( umm…   thinking about it)

> Want to meditate but  have no time.  (life is very busy…….)

> think meditation is very complicated (..those esoteric terms !..)

> want to know some more     ( the explorer seeker…)

then…  you are at the right place.

Here is what I often heard many people say:

“I want to meditate. But I have no time for it. I have a very demanding job that keeps me very busy. At home also there are so many things to do that it is impossible for me to allocate any additional time for meditation. Moreover I thinks meditation is a very difficult and complicated process which can only be mastered by full-time devotion of years…. and as I have already said, I have no time for such devotion. It seems I’ll never be able to meditate in my life”.

Are you in the same situation ? or anything similar to that ?

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms that:

  • Meditation is easy, extremely easy !
  • There is no need for allocating any additional time for it !
  • Anybody can meditate anytime, anywhere.

All those who think that meditation is very difficult and requires a substantial chunk of time, just do not know what exactly is meditation .

That’s why they live under an illusive curtain and always find perfect excuses for their inability to meditate.

Because once you understand clearly : what is meditation,

you will never say that it is a complicated and tough thing.

Or that you have no time for it.

Because it is not a technique. It is not an exercise.

It is simply a state of our existence.

Something that can be attained anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to Meditation Corner . Remove all your misconception about meditation. Make it a part of your life.  Spend some time in this corner…..

……. and you’ll say,    ” Meditation is easy !”

Below is a brief description of what Meditation corner has to offer

What is NOT Meditation

Clear your misconception about meditation. There are many things which people often mistook as Meditation. Understand what is NOT meditation .

 hand  What is not meditation

 What is Meditation

So  what exactly is meditation?  The state of our existence which is so near yet so far from us. Know the real you. Learn with the help of an interesting experiment what really is  meditation. The state of no mind which is attainable by everybody, anywhere, anytime !!

(This is a must read topic ! Don’t skip it)

hand  What is Meditation

 How Meditation started

Learn about the beginning of meditation. A proposition on how meditation ha started in ancient times.

hand  How meditation started

 Anybody can meditate

Can you meditate ? Yes you can ! very easily. .

hand   Anybody can meditate

 Benefits of Meditation

In the present age of chaos, competition and confusion, meditation can prove to be our most trusted friend. Learn about the wonderful benefits of meditation.

hand  Benefits of Meditation

 Failure in  Meditation :  A detailed anylysis

Learn why people fail to meditate despite trying seriously for it.

hand  Failure in Meditation : A detailed analysis

Three yogic aids in  Meditation

If you want to mediate in an extremely busy and demanding life then you must have a look at three yogic aids in meditation.

(1) Deep Breathing : Learn how you can start breathing deeply in an unconscious

(2) Deep Relaxation : Learn to relax your body and mind completely and totally.

(3) Deep Contraction : Learn how you can keep your body fit and healthy with these easy deep contraction exercises, why people fail to meditate despite trying seriously for it.

Adopting three yogic aids in life : Learn how deep breathing, deep relaxation and
deep contraction can help you in meditation.

hand Three yogic aids in meditation

 Instructions for timing, place and posture in meditation

Detailed instructions on timing, place and postures in meditation. Learn about the right timing, right place and right posture for meditation.

hand Instructions for timing, place and posture in meditation

 Central point of every meditation technique

No matter which meditation technique you choose, there is one thing which remains same in every meditation. Learn about the central point of every meditation technique.

hand Central point of every meditation technique

Three conscious thoughts to super accelerate your meditation practice

Three contemplative thought which will take you into a meditative state instantly. Thoughts to ponder over. Thoughts which will act as food for your thought.

hand Three conscious thoughts to super accelerate your meditation practice

 Meditation Techniques

Learn some the greatest meditation techniques of all times. Here is a collection of those meditation techniques which are immensely powerful and extremely easy.

hand  Meditation Techniques

 A different approach to meditation

Acquaint yourself with a different approach to meditation. Here you will be presented with some intense ideas to meditate upon.   Ideas from ancient texts and modern theories such as from Bhagavad Gita, Isavasyopanishad, Gaia theory, TES (Time Energy Space) Hypothesis, and Energy concept etc. These ideas will help you to understand the cosmos in a better way and will prove to be an excellent source of meditation.

hand : A different approach to Meditation

Instant Meditation : The Brainwave Entrainment & Binaural Beats phenomena

The simplest explanation of Binaural Beats phenomenon which is used by millions to achieve an instant meditation state. Learn what are Binaural Beats and how they produce a change in our brain waves using the process of entrainment. A must read for all of you who want quick results.

hand :Instant Meditation : Brainwave Entrainment & Binaural Beats

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