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I can tell you hundreds of reasons for subscribing to my newsletter. However, I personally feel that there is just one reason for which I want you to subscribe to my newsletter.

And that reason is : My emails will be a gentle reminders for you to meditate.


Just like you, I am also living a busy life in a fast changing world. Most of us don’t have the luxury to go for a secluded vacation in a remote Ashram or Resort for a Mediation retreat.  Moreover, doing a separate meditation session for a week or two in an Ashram or Resort is not the permanent solution. What is required is to adopt a daily practice of meditation in your daily life despite its complication and day to day grind.

Our newsletter will help you achieve that.

And the test of whether your meditation is succeeding or not is in life. When you meditate and you go to the shop you will know whether you are succeeding in your meditation or not. Are you still as greedy in the shop as you used to be before? Do you still get angry when somebody says something against you? Can people still manage to push your buttons as easily as before? In the market-place is the test of all your meditations.- Osho

As a token of gratitude, I will be sending some gift to your inbox when you subscribe to my newsletter. They are

(1)   Two biggest Obstacles in Meditation & How to overcome them?


A simple ebook that discuss two biggest obstacles people face while meditating. The simple method to overcome these two obstacles has also been provided.

(ii) Meditation: The art of Letting Go : 


An excellent introduction of meditation purely from a scientific point of view.

(iii) As A Man Thinketh :

As A Man Thinketh

The path breaking book by James Allen which founded the entire self-help industry in America. It’s message is simple; Your present circumstances are the sum total of all the choices you have made in your life till date.

(iv) Zen Meditation : The Seat of Enlightenment 


A simple introduction to Zen Meditation.

(v) Blue Sky Meditation:


A simple guided meditation shown in a visual format. Very interesting and pleasing to eye.

(vi) The Magic Story :


A secret story that seems to change the life of all people (for better) who read it. A masterpiece of self-improvement – free for you to download.

(vii) Now Is Eternity :


A simple look on being in the present moment. You’ll love it.

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