What is meditation : Understanding the concept

In simplest terms, meditation is a simple process to become aware of our actions. To bring more and more attention in our actions and thoughts in the present moment. To say in other words : Any action perform with attentiveness  is meditation. Attentiveness is nothing but to be fully aware and conscious while indulging in any kind of activity of our life. To be in present moment while performing our actions is meditation.

Now if it is that easy, why people make a fuss about it. Many people will claim that they are doing this everyday. They live in present moment always. However, it is easier said than done. Seldom or never we live in the present moment. At any given moment, most of us are either in pas or in future. To live in the present moment is something which we simply don’t do as a habit. We keep thinking about past or future. This results in a condition where we have to learn to remain in the present moment.

If you observed the nature, you will find that almost animate or inanimate object except human beings remains in a state of present. Take the  grass in the garden for example. It never tries to grow faster or move quickly. It never appears to be in a hurry. If you carefully observe a grass, you will find that it simply grows. It has no competition with anybody. It remains as it is. Or take any animal. They just remain in the present moment. They have very limited needs and for most of the time of their existence, they remain silent and peaceful.

Then why on earth, we the human race are so agitated, stress and restless. Why just we can’t remain in the present moment? There is only one answer. We are controlled by an evolved  mind. A developed and evolved mind is our link to this world and it is the prime reason for all our agitation.

Our mind is what separates us from other creatures. We have the ability to think and contemplate, to create and grow and to compete and win. However, this wonderful quality of mind is what makes it so vulnerable to extreme variation in thoughts. Our mind keeps wandering in the past or future with a very little tendency to remain focussed in the present moment. Meditation is the art to bring this mind in the present moment. To break it from the flow of past or future thoughts. Before trying meditation, it is difficult to understand how sleepy we live in our life. We are conscious only up to the point which enables us to do our day to day activities. Meditation makes us aware of this fact and help us to deepen our consciousness.

Meditation as explained above is the collective name of a process which helps us to be more and more aware of our actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It has o rigid rules. You are not required to sit cross legged in a particular pose for mediation. You can meditate in the most mundane circumstances. In fact the best meditation is possible when your body is in the most comfortable state. The requirement of yoga in meditation is only for the purpose of instilling a habit of regularity in you. Just like any other thing in life, a regular and consistence practice of meditation is necessary to gain a mastery over it and to reap the immense benefit it provides to us.

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