Two new ebooks on Meditation : Free Gifts for You


For the past few weeks, I was busy giving final shapes to two extremely helpful and useful ebooks on Meditation. Now these two books are ready and available for downloads.

These two books on meditation are suitable for readers of both the levels- Novice and Advance.

Here is a brief introduction of these two books :

The name of the first book is  : Two biggest Obstacles in Meditation & How to overcome them?

Two Biggest Obstacles in Meditation

In this ebook you will learn about the two biggest obstacles in meditation and a simple method to overcome them. This book is based on a famous discourse of Osho on the above mentioned  problems.

This ebook is available in pdf (Print), pdf (Tablet),  Kindle (.AZW3) and Epub Format.

The second book is Meditation: The art of Letting Go’

Meditation : The Art of Letting Go

Meditation: The art of Letting Go’ is an excellent introduction of meditation purely from a scientific point of view.

This ebook is also available in pdf (Print), pdf (Tablet),  Kindle (.AZW3) and Epub Format.

How to Download ?

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