What to do in the darkest hour of despair?

Life is not a straight line. It has its own circles of ups and down. No matter who we are and what we do, all of us- the mere mortals- may come across a huge obstacle, a big stumbling block, an insurmountable wall-  something that makes us completely helpless and stunned.

It has happened to me. Many times.

And I have no reason to feel otherwise that it has not happened to you at some point in your life. We all have come into this world with our fair share of ups and downs.

As the saying goes, we all have to bear our own cross. We never know when the misfortune befall on us.

But this article is not about accepting the misfortune or living in despair. It’s about dealing with it successfully.

I am going to tell you a simple yet powerful strategy to fight your despair.

You may not believe it. It may sound too simplistic.

However, it works like magic.

So what to do when chips are down, life appears to have come to a standstill and there appears no hope for betterment ?

Take action.


Yes, take action and get involved in creating something meaningful. Just by taking action in a focused manner you will start feeling motivated.

Taking action has an awesome effect on people. It often improves almost any situation imaginable. It will make you feel amazing.

By taking action  you will gain control of the situation. It will boost your confidence and give you hope.

Taking action is uplifting. It shows us the light. It removes the darkness.

Sounds simplistic ?  Too theoretical?

Nope. It is the real key of a successful life. Yet, it sounds simplistic because very few people take action.

Other just complain. They find excuses for not taking action.

What about you? Do you have the guts to take action?

If yes, take action now.

It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.

So take action and change your despair into hope.