Meditation videos : Where to find them ?

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Instructions for meditation can be imparted in a number of formats. You can find them in text, sounds or videos. On this website, most of the instructions have been provided in text as my only aim is to arouse the interest of general people in meditation, something that can be achieved using written articles also. However, for all of you, who are interested in exploring interactive tutorials on meditation, there are many resources available on internet. Some of the most popular are, Google Videos , Yahoo videos and Metacafe. These four websites are the most popular videos sharing sites on internet. You will find numerous meditation videos there.

How to search for meditation videos : It’s very simple is just like searching for any other thing on net. Just type your relevant search term (Meditation in this case) in the search box and press enter. Within seconds you will get a list of meditation videos available in the website. Simple ! Isn’t it. The following screenshots will be of some help to guide you.