Meditation CDs : Some guidelines to follow while buying them


For all those who want detailed instructions on meditation in the form of interactive tutorials, Meditation CDs are the most recommended options. These Meditation CDs apart from providing an interactive interface for learning meditation in audio-visual mode, also fill the need of a physical teacher for meditation. In the busy life of 21st century, it not always possible to learn meditation personally from a guru. However, by using good meditation CDs we can overcome this problem and learn meditation in the comfort of out home. There is an abundance of meditation CDs available in the market. There are guided meditation CDs (which provide guided instructions in audio-visual mode) covering vast amounts of topics. When one has just started meditation, using meditation CDs can help him to a great extent.

Meditation CDs come in varieties of topic often in customized version. For example you can easily find meditation CDs on the topics related to weight loss through meditation, improving memory through meditation, Building self-confidence, finding inner peace, meditation for beginners, meditation for advanced users, meditation for children, women, & old and meditation during illness such as cancer etc. You can also find meditation CDs related to one particular school of meditation such as Zen, Buddhist, Osho’s meditation and Rajyoga Meditation etc.

The prices for meditation CDs also vary depending upon the company who produced them. On big shopping websites such as &, you can find huge discount on various Meditation CDs.

While choosing meditation CDs, you must do a little research in the market by reading various books, reviews and consulting fellow meditators friends to find good meditation CDs. The market is also filled with many useless CDs on meditation. So a pre-check is always important to avoid wastage of time and money. If you can’t find any review or recommendation for a meditation CDs, then I advise you to purchase a CDs which comes with a money-back guarantee. Though I personally feel that meditation is a subject that can not be taught in a time-bound manner and the individual has to work on his own to learn it, having a meditation CD with moneyback guarantee insure us to a useless product.

So the above are the few guidelines which you should follow while purchasing a meditation CD. I hope it’ll help you.