Meditation Robe

A meditation robe is a very helpful and comfortable accessories of meditation. One of the most important prerequisite for meditation is that we should be comfortable while mediating. Doing mediation while wearing tight and thick clothes can make us very uncomfortable. Using a meditation robe instead can make our meditation experience pleasing and effective.

What exactly is a Meditation Robe ?

Robe : Any loose flowing garment; Outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasion


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Though the Robes are not essential foe meditation and any kind of comfortable clothes will do, wearing a Robe during meditation will enhance your comfort level as it keep you warm and focused on meditation. Further, if you meditate by choosing different postures, it gives your body enough room for trying various positions required in that technique.

For some people, wearing meditation robes adds to their experience of meditation whereas some people simply love the styles of the robes and the fact that the materials used in making robes is 100% natural. If you attend a meditation retreat or a local class you may be required to choose to wear a meditation robe as it gives a uniform look to all the meditators.

Meditation robes are designed with ample width and length and provides maximum coverage in many meditation postures. You can also use a hooded rob (the fun with an attached hood) which offers a sort of sacred private environment for reflection and meditation.

Meditation Robes are more comfortable than wearing tight clothes or loose blankets which constantly need to be adjusted. They can also be used to meditate out doors as they provide you with adequate warmth and comfort. They can be easily worn by just slipping on and off over your own clothes.

Using Meditation can be very useful for you if you meditate for a long period of time or enjoy going to meditation retreats. Meditation robes come in various styles and colors for a unique look.

When you start wearing your robe regularly, over time you will find that your mind and body will associate the act of putting on your robe with a state of calmness an peace. You will notice that whenever you wear the robe, your body will immediately start relaxing and get ready for the up and coming meditation session.

In past people (particularly traditionally monks and yogis from India and Tibet) used to wear robes made up of animal skins for meditation. However, nowadays, robes are no longer made out of animal skin and they are made up of 100% harmless material and serve the same purpose as earlier robes.

Robes can be very important in your meditation journey and they can make an enormous difference to your experience. If you can afford one, try it.