Meditation Room: use it to enhance meditation experience

It has been the opinion of many meditation masters that if one has a separate room for meditation, it can help him greatly. If you live in a large house and can afford to have a separate room for meditation, I strongly recommend you to start meditating in that room and use that room exclusively for meditation. You can also use that room for prayer (or worship to God), which in my opinion is also a form of meditation. But except these two uses, you should not do any activity in that room.

When we meditate daily on a particular place only, the place gets filled with the powerful positive vibrations of energy. This energy which keep accumulating in that room creates an atmosphere highly congenial to meditation. After regular practicing meditation in that particular room for sometime, the mediator realize that whenever he sits in that room for meditation, he reaches into a meditative state almost instantly. He will recognize that the ease with which he enters into a meditative state in that particular Meditation room, is not available if he meditate in some other place. This is all because of positive vibrations which pervade in that particular room. I have also heard the story of some great meditation masters who used to chant mantra in a particular room (read Mantra Meditation here) and even after their death, one can listen to chant of those mantras coming from their room.

A meditation room (or a chamber) can be of great help you. If you can afford one, I highly recommend you one.