Meditation Gifts : What are the options available ?

Meditation gifts can be an excellent idea if the person, whom you plan to give a gift, loves meditation. A regular user of meditation will be immensely happy if you care for his feeling and choose to give him a gift related to Meditation.


There are many things available in the market which can be given as gift to your loved ones. A good book on meditation is one such gift. Meditation robes, mat., stool, pillows, bench, CDs, DVDs, candle, or timer are some other gifts which you may considered.

My personal choice while choosing a meditation gift has always been a book as I think a book can stimulate the reader and take him to a different plane. He increases the understanding of the reader about meditation.

I once gave a meditation book to one of my friend who was a regular meditator. The book was a series of discourses on meditation given by great meditation master Osho. My friend was thrilled to get this book as a gift as he is an avid reader of Osho’s literature. On a different occasion, I gave to one of my other friends a book on Indian mantra. The book had a huge collection of Meditation Mantra all explained in details in a very simple language. That book has been one of the most prized possessions of my friend till date.

The main thing to look for while considering to buy a meditation book is it’s quality. The book should have some good material for readers and must be able to stimulate his thoughts process. Selecting such book requires a little patience and experience. If you are an absolute novice, it may be difficult for you to choose a good book on meditation. In that case you can give any other gift to your loved ones.

Apart from book, there is a huge collection of meditation gifts available to suit every budget.

Incense sticks and candles are inexpensive meditation gifts. Yet they create a perfect atmosphere for meditation. Using candles and incense sticks has been a part of meditation practice in many traditions. They enhance the environment for contemplation and reflection and take the mediator in the right mood.

A meditation robe (or clothing) will make a fabulous meditation gift. They enhance the comfort level of the mediator as they provides warmth and space during meditation. Some other beautiful clothing meditation gifts include Jubons, Kimonos, Hakamas, obi belts and shawls. You can also consider giving special stands to display and hang robes, kimonos and obis etc as gifts.

There are many gifts related to sitting position in Meditation. There are many types of Meditation seats such as benches, stools, cushions, chairs are available all particularly designed to enhance the practice of meditation. These chairs are often a bit costly but are made up of excellent quality products and are extremely beautiful, ornamental pieces of furniture that anyone would be proud to have in his home. Also available in the markets are portable meditation chairs which can fit into a bag for traveling around. Some other specialized chairs for meditation are dhyana chairs , Samurai chairs and tantra chairs.

Giving a meditation pyramid would also make an excellent gift. These meditation pyramids helps you to focus more clearly on meditation. They are supposed to put some kind of contemplation into the meditation session allowing for a higher state of existence. The meditation pyramids are said to emit a certain type of energy highly conducive to the meditative state of mind and help the brain reach higher level of consciousness and awareness.

A meditation timer can also be a great meditation gift. Often people meditate alone and they need to monitor their duration of meditation. A meditation times can be very handy in such situation. It helps you forget about the time and focdu on your meditation practice without the worries of going over your time limit of meditation. When we are doing a meditation requires to be performed in more than one stage, a meditation timer can be of immense help.

Some other popular meditation gifts include meditation jewelry, quartz crystals and gemstones etc. Though not directly related to meditation, they can be used in other spiritual and paranormal activities if one is inclined towards them.

So as you can see there are enormous varieties of meditation gifts available which you can give to your loved ones.