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The core objective of this website is to help busy people learn meditation and make it a part of their busy life. Therefore, this website has been made by a busy person on part time basis. The benefit of meditation that I have drawn in my personal endeavor on the subject has been the main driving force for creating this website.

While planning about this site, I observed that complicated phrases, flowery language and long-winded sentences makes the already confused seeker even more confused. A direct and simple approach in conveying the knowledge of meditation can have far-reaching results. That’s why the entire concept of Meditation has been described here in plain simple English in what many people considered as an ‘idiot friendly approach !

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Eklavya_Profile_PicAs regards the person behind this website, I am Eklavya – a simple student of meditation based in India. In many ways, I am just like any other person living in any fast paced city of the world – doing a job, supporting a family, shouldering responsibilities- and in between all these- trying to find the meaning of life !

Right from my younger age, I have a strong inclination towards all things spiritual. This prompted me to explore a number of spiritual path to ultimately arrived at my own.

My journey on the spiritual path is going on. Still miles to go…

Being a busy person myself, I can easily relate to the problems a busy person (especially those living in an urban environment) faces while trying meditation. Therefore, apart from publishing content on this website about meditation, I shall be publishing various helpful articles on our Blog about managing a busy life successfully. I am also in the process of writing a book on meditation for busy people. Contact me here to know more about it.

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In case you have any other question/query, you may contact me here

I wish you success in your spiritual journey !


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