Yoga Accessories Every Newbie Needs to Have

Are you interested in practicing yoga but hesitant about what to wear or use? Here are some necessary things to help you start on your road to wellness.

Joining a yoga class for the first time can make one feel a little out of place. There are worries about what should be the right clothing or equipment that you will use. There seems to be a lot of advertising about the best type of clothing that one would need to join a class or enter a yoga studio. The truth is, one would need a few essentials to get started. You can start a home practice and use anything you are comfortable with or get some yoga-specific items for your first class. Here are the things you might want to invest in.


Studios and gyms require students to wear something appropriate for a class. But it doesn’t mean that you have to score designer gears to start practicing some asanas. Ideally, you can get comfortable clothing that is made from breathable athletic fabric. You won’t go wrong with solid-colored yoga pants. If you are not comfortable wearing tight pants, try jogger style and harem pants that are stretchy, but stays in place. Shorts are a popular choice for men practicing yoga, and there are also some made for women.

Additionally, it is also essential to wear tops that are somewhat form-fitting so that it won’t leave you uncovered during bends. Women are advised to wear a sports bra to keep you comfortable transitioning between poses.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats or sticky mats are typical in studios and gyms. It defines your space and creates an area with traction so you won’t slip when you are sweaty.

These mats also give some cushioning from the hard floor. Most studios offer yoga mats for rent if you attend their classes. While it may be a good idea at first, you have to realize that many people might also rent it out. And you are not sure how often they are cleaned. Thus, it is best to buy your own yoga mat. Premium ones are expensive; however, you can get something affordable, too. Consider the features such as the length, thickness, traction, comfort, and durability before you buy a mat.

Optional Yoga Items

If you are moving forward with your practice, you may also be interested in getting some optional equipment. These items help keep a healthy alignment as you perfect poses, twists, opening up, and bends. Soon, you will become more familiar with the props, and you can decide whether you need to buy or just use the ones in the gyms. Some of these items include:

Mat Slings or Bags – these will be useful if you own a mat that you will use in the studio or gym. It will make rolling and carrying the mat easier for you. In some instances, yoga mats come with a sling or bag. However, there are products with additional features like extra pockets and storage.

Blocks – these items will help you improve your poses while you remain comfortable and aligned. These are typically made of cork, foam, or wood, and they come in different sizes. These are usually provided in class or studios.

Learning yoga and perfecting poses is not only a fun exercise. It benefits the body, mind, and spirituality. Many people find yoga to be beneficial to them in terms of peace, mindfulness, and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to start a yoga practice at home, but it can also be extra fun to join a class.