Work Out in Style: Improving Your Workouts with Better Outfits

Research says that wearing the right clothes while working out can improve your physical fitness. Discover how to upgrade your outfits and accessories.

The ongoing health crisis has severely limited people’s work out options. Yoga studios and gyms are either operating at reduced capacities, making it more challenging to schedule a session, or closed entirely. Thankfully, you can keep fit at home through video tutorials or video conferencing sessions with your coaches.

Since you’re working out at home, you may be tempted to dress down, especially if you’re just exercising alone. But did you know that wearing the appropriate clothes can have a noticeable effect on your performance? Discover the magic of enclothed cognition and how to use it to improve your outfits and fitness.

What Is Enclothed Cognition?

Researchers found out that wearing the right clothes for the activity has a measurable effect on your psychology. They call this “enclothed cognition,” and there are two factors that make it happen: the symbolic meaning of your outfits and the experience of wearing them.

You automatically attach meaning to the clothes based on the activities you do while wearing them. For example, a specific pair of gym shorts and a tee might be your exercise outfit, while a pair of comfortable cotton pants and top are your sleeping clothes. Naturally, you will feel more empowered and energized while wearing clothes you associate with exercising.

Of course, wearing these clothes will put you in the mood for their designated activities much faster. Therefore, if you want to improve your physical fitness, you need to upgrade your exercise outfits, mixing their functionality with their psychological effect.

Accessorize Properly

Never underestimate the power of accessories. Not only can these objects reinforce the symbolic power of your workout outfits, but they also offer increased functionality. The right accessories help you feel more comfortable in your outfit while also reflecting your personality. A custom mouth guard combines its protective power with fun, personalized designs. A yoga mat in your favorite color makes you feel more at ease while doing poses. And a customized exercise aid can help you monitor your heart rate and act as a pedometer while also serving as a watch or GPS.

Functionality First

Always prioritize functionality over appearance when choosing workout clothes. Remember that no matter how attractive an outfit or accessory, they need to provide actual support and comfort while you’re working out. A delightful pair of yoga pants may be the perfect color, but the wrong size for you. Although they will look attractive to you, their poor fit will only hinder you. You should also pay attention to the material of your outfits and not just their appearance. Breathable fabrics help keep you cool, and sweat-wickingclothing prevents you from getting drenched. Find outfits made of these materials that are also attractive rather than just focusing on what they look like.

Color Coordinate

Finally, don’t forget the power of colors. The correlation between colors and your mood has been established for decades. Not to mention specific colors can make you appear more appealing. For example, black is a great-looking color while being functional. First, it has a slimming effect on your appearance, which will boost your confidence. Second, black hides stains well. Bright colors can also give you more energy, so choose clothing that is red, blue, or yellow for livelier feel.

Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress for the occasion. By wearing the right clothes, you make it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.