Meditation Quotes Widget is Now Back….just like me

It’s been a very very long time since I write something on this blog. Owing to some personal occupation, I was not getting time to write new posts, which in my opinion, I must write to maintain the interest of regular readers of this blog.

After a long hiatus, I am back.

The first thing to do was to repair the Osho Meditation Quote Widget (a Google Gadget) which was not working properly. Owing to some technical changes by Google, the basic code of this widget became useless. As a result, it went into a perpetual troubleshooting mode.

In order to repair this Widget, I had to rewrite its entire code. Thankfully, two days of intensive R&D helped me repair this widget and make it fully functional again.

You can see in the right sidebar : the beautiful and soul touching quotes of Osho have come back.

All of you, who don’t know about this Widget, are requested to kindly read this earlier posts about this widget :

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Apart from this, I am also announcing my return to this blog. In the days to come, I shall be writing many helpful posts on meditation.