How to learn Meditation?

How to learn meditation

How to learn meditation

There is only one thing which is required :  A burning desire to learn it. Once you make up your mind, you will find numerous resources to learn meditation. You can join a meditation resort, a nearby meditation workshop, buy a book or browse the online world of Internet.

In my personal experience, anybody who really wants to learn meditation (i.e. have the burning desire) should follow this routine:

(1)  Allot a daily routine for meditation : A minimum of 10 minutes of  meditation practice is essential. You may do it for 30 minutes, 2 hours or 12 hours also depending upon your skill or interest. But for a starter at least 10 minutes for meditation is  necessary.

 (2)   Try to meditate at the same time everyday : If you meditate in the morning, do it consistently in the morning. If you meditate in the afternoon, evening or at night – just do it consistently at the same time of the day. By following this routine, your body will start adapting itself to the meditation practice.

(3)   Try to mediate at the same place every day : Again for the same reason as described above, you must meditate at the same place everyday. When I say place, it can be anything It may be a mat in your drawing room, in may be the roof of your home, the garden of your bungalow, your bed,  the bus or train you commute or the desk of your office. Doing meditation daily at the same place will result in the  situation when the same place will start helping you in meditation. As and when you sit or stand  at that place, it will give message to your subconscious mind to meditate.

All the three suggestions quoted above appear very trivial, but they are immensely powerful. The above suggestions are backed by powerful scientific evidences all of which I shall be covering in my coming book in meditation.

 So, how to learn meditation ?

Have a burning desire deep inside you for learning meditation. This is the most important thing. Then adopt a disciplinary routine of meditating daily- at the same place and at the same time.

What next?

Once you decided to learn mediate and have allocated a dedicated routine for it, you must choose one meditation technique to try. Depending upon your temperament, the time in hand and the place to meditate in, you must decide on the most appropriate meditation technique. In the meditation corner section of this website, we have explained many popular meditation techniques which are suitable for today’s men and women.

Browse through those meditation technique and choose the one of your liking. Then try that meditation technique with dedication. In a very short time period, you will learn meditation.

In case you have any question, feel free to ask me by making a comment below.


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