How To Battle Social Anxiety : Some Practical Tips

This is a Guest post by Stephen Gerard

A lot of people thrive in a fast-paced environment. However, for those that don’t, escaping the feelings of social anxiety can be difficult.  We all experience different levels of anxiety, some far worse than others. What many people struggle to realize is that no matter how hard we try, many of us will encounter situations that make us feel inferior, embarrassed, self -conscious or timid, there is no getting away from it. These feelings are common among those who suffer from social anxiety which pushes them to emotional breakdowns, panic attacks and mental instability. When your body is consumed by social anxiety, it is important to discover an inner remedy that can help alleviate these negative sensations.

Though at some points you may feel as if anxiety is winning the battle, it is by all means extinguishable. Every person is different, so finding the proper outlets for your anxiety issues is purely individualized.  Here are some helpful hints for dealing with anxiety and freeing your mind of negative thoughts.

Positive Vibes For a Positive Mind

Social anxiety is commonly brought on by high levels of stress and characterized by a change of sleep patterns, feeling overwhelmed by situations, panic and fear.  When overcome by these sensations, it turns on the anxiety trigger for your brain and your body. During these times of panic, it is hard to think clearly as your mind tends to turn in several different directions. Thinking positively is the most important and effective practice when feeling anxiety.  Relinquish your worries and focus your thoughts and energy on the positive aspects of your life.

Breathe Deeply and Laugh Often

Social anxiety tends to strike at the worst of times, and often seems like no matter what we do it will continue to follow us around. The fact of the matter is, your anxiety is only as awful as you make it out to be. If you can make light of your situation, take deep breaths and laugh at yourself, your mind will rebound from all of those negatively cluttered thoughts. Sit back and take five long, deep breaths. This will help you regain control of your nervous system and allow oxygen to flow properly through your brain. Finding your center will help you realize that those worries are rather small in the grand scheme of things.

Express Yourself

Speak up and out about the anxieties, fears and worries. Expressing yourself is key for personal growth and happiness.  When you begin to feel your social anxiety taking over, communicate your emotions to whomever is near, whether it is a classmate, teacher, family member or friend.  Being alone will tend to amplify your social anxiety, so when you are feeling a panic attack coming on, put your thoughts down in a journal or turn on your favorite tune. These little things will take your mind off the negative and push you towards focusing your energy on overcoming your anxiety.

No matter how often you’re overcome with the feelings of social anxiety, there is always a remedy to improve your state of mind. We tend to associate miniscule worries and everyday stress with emotional breakdowns and lack of stability. When worry and panic consume you, sit back and think about how beautiful life really is. Appreciate the small sensations and smiles, as those little things will end up being the foundation for your road to inner happiness and peace.

Author Bio

Stephen Gerard is a Freelance Writer for Blooms Today, an online florist specializing in same day flower delivery for nearly a decade.  Stephen uses outdoor adventures, surfing and yoga to relieve stress and anxiety.