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Woman using laptop in stress

Effective Ways to Relax and Recharge from Stress

Choosing to focus on your well-being may be difficult because of the never-ending demands of today’s society. Hustle culture seems to be the norm nowadays, where people often find ways to push themselves to the limit. Aside from this, financial demands are also increasing because of the expensive prices of goods and other necessities. Stress […]

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Can Meditation Replace Sleep?

Several yogis and meditators have reported sleeping just one hour per night as a result of their deep meditation practice. But whether meditation can actually replace sleep is a question that requires some scientific investigation. While there are many anecdotes of people needing less sleep when they start meditating, science helps us understand whether meditation […]

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Yoga benefits for brain and body

Yoga has become one of the popular forms of exercise all around the world and around 36 million + of Americans alone practice yoga. Why so? Everybody today has a good amount of money and opportunities to earn money, but not a mental peace and health at all, hence it is proven that yoga can […]

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Meditation still is my torch

Meditation has been my guiding force It has been a long time, well almost more than a year,since I wrote anything on this blog. It was never intentional. But I was so englufed in my life responsibilities that I could not find time for writing. Though, a feeling of guilt is there inside me to […]

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Mindfulness and Brain

How Does Mindful Meditation Affect Your Brain

  How is it possible to make changes to our brain? Instead of going online or playing another game on your phone, try quieting down your mind. Not possible instantly! However, try to pay attention to your thoughts and remain passive without reacting. Research over the years proves that just a few minutes of meditation may […]

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