The new design and a new beginning in 2016

New Start Pic

I wish you all a very happy new year 2016. I know I am a bit late in wishing you about new year but hey we are only 24 days into this year ! So it’s not that late I think.

The last post on this blog was made on 5th April, 2015. As such, this blog remained dormant for most part of 2015 ( a total of 10 months). Owing to some personal occupations that demanded my urgent attention, I could not blog here. Now I am back…Hopefully for good and for a long inning.

What’s New

The main website is fully responsive now. One of the most requested feature (or to say correctly the ‘criticism’) of the visitors of was to make it somewhat more professional and aesthetic- design wise.  The original website was built on static html pages and the whole site used to look as the work of a novice. To tell you the truth- the design was really poor.

Not anymore. Have a look at the main website here.  Check it in various devices you may be having with you. The site is now fully responsive and works perfectly in every device of every size. It is now suitable for desktop, Tablets and Smart Phone.

It has been a huge task to convert such a big website into a responsive design. However, with consistent focus, it has been done by our team.

What’s Next

The main focus will be on this blog. Expect to see regular activities here. We shall be posting useful articles on meditation, yoga, spirituality and other self-help topics (including productivity) on this blog.

The another focus will be social media. There will be deeper engagement on Facebook initially which will be spread to our Twitter, Pinterest & Google Plus pages.

The main focus is this website shall remain the same : To help busy people learn meditation and make it a part of their life.

See you soon.