Some Mantras for Meditation

Here I have described a few powerful mantras in detail. You can choose to meditate with any of the three mantra. All of them are ancient, powerful and easy in pronunciation.

But before you start, you must be aware of some of the basic terminology you’ll encounter while reading about these mantra. All these words are from Hindu Mythology.

Kali yug :The last in the four eras (time periods) of creation. The other threes are Satya yug, Threta yug and Dwaper yug . These four eras are characterize by the intensity/effect of the rule of truth in them with the Satya yug having the most prominent qualities of truth and righteousness, with Treta at second,  Dwaper at third and Kaliyug – the age of machines- at the fourth place. The present era is Kaliyug.

Trinity of  Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh: According to Hindu mythology there are three Gods who run the creation. The Brahma – who creates the universe, the Vishnu – who preserves the Universe and the Shiva- who in the end destroys the universe. Among the three deities, Shiva is considered as the destroyer. However, Shiva is also considered as the supreme reality- the inner self which remains intact even after everything ends.

Please also remember that the one who repeats the mantra either silently or loudly is known as chanter and the process of repeating the mantra is known as chanting.

The Mantras

Here are a detailed description of some mantras from the traditional Indian/Tibetan religious stream. All these mantras are extremely easy to pronounce and highly effective.  Click on each mantra’s link for detail :

hand Om Namah Shivay

hand Hare Krishna Mantra

hand Om (AUM)

hand So’ham

hand Om Mani Padme Hum

hand   Gayatri

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