How to use mantra meditation in a busy & complex life.

By now you must have clear knowledge of mantra meditation. In order to meditate using mantra meditation you should use following:

(1) Read the general instruction on meditation (including do’s and don’ts)

(2) Choose a mantra. Below I have described in detail three mantras. You can use either of them.

(3) Allocate 30 minutes for mantra meditation. Though early morning or late evening is best time, you can chooses any time as per  your convenience.  In those 30 minutes, 20 minutes will be for chanting (repeating)  the mantra and the last 10 minutes for being watchful of your inner consciousness.

(4) Sit comfortably at a quiet place.

Close your eyes.

Start chanting the mantra (either silently or loudly ).

Repeat the mantra with faith and respect.

Repeat it with the full awareness of its meaning.

Keep chanting the mantra for 20 minutes. (You may use an alarm clock for keeping track of time).

After 20 minutes….

stop chanting. Be quiet. Keep sitting silently.

The mantra will keep echoing in your mind for some more time. Just be watchful of what happens inside you.

Don’t judge, act or react. Just be aware of all that is happening inside you. Just be a witness of all your emotions, feelings, and other activities in and around you. You will feel a sense of calm and bliss. All thought activities will start decreasing and eventually come to a stand still.

Slowly slowly open your eyes and move out of the meditation.

This Mantra Repetition is an extremely powerful and widely used meditation technique which will deepen your meditation practice in almost no time.

When you begin meditating this way on daily basis, slowly you will start experiencing a thought free mind –  a state of choiceless awareness. Your self will be revealed to you. (Please remember that the 10 minutes watchfulness after the 20 minutes of chanting is a must. )Later you may increase your timing. But the ratio between chanting and witnessing should remain as 2:1.

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