Dancing meditation : Be one with the God

Dancing meditation


God is a dancer, the creation is his dance

Let me tell you about a meditation technique which is a very popular technique in the Sufi tradition. I would explain a simplified version of this technique. This technique is Dancing meditation.

If you think about it you will find that dance is one of those rare creative expressions in which the creation and the creator becomes one.

When a sculpture make a statue, his creation – the statue and he himself remains separate.

When a painter draws a painting , the painting remains different from the painter.

When a poet writes a poem, the poem remains separate from him.

However, when a dancer dances; he becomes the dance itself. Dance is not possible without the involvement of dancer. You can not see the dance and the dancer separately during dance.

In the mystic tradition it is believed that God is a dancer and his whole creation is his dance. The existence is nothing but God who is expressing himself in infinite ways and infinite emotions. All that is happening now, everything that is happening on this universe be it positive or negative – in its collectiveness is nothing but a dance of God.

When somebody dance passionately, he (or she) – the individual become one with the dance. When this happen, the dancer fades away, only the dance remains. Whether we believe it or not, when somebody loses himself in the dance, the entire process of his dance becomes a part of dance of the God. The person – the individual lose his identity, he becomes a part of dance of God – he becomes one with God.

Please read the first line of above paragraph again – “When somebody dance passionately”.

Passion – this is the key.

There are two types of dance. First is the dance of the performers. They dance with a certain pattern in mind. They practice a lot, learn various steps and dance consciously. The main motive of such dance is to impress others. Either to impress a lover or to impress an audience or judge (like what happens these days in Dancing competitions). When somebody dances as a performer, he can never bring passion in his dance.

I know many of you will contest my saying so. In fact there are many professional dancers who dance with great passion, they are such a perfectionist. However, with all due respect to their perfection, I still say that they dance consciously with a proper plan in their mind. They still dance for their fans. There are very few of such professional dancers who dance for the spiritual experience. There is always an aim of any material gain in their dance –something that can boost their ego in some way. It’s another thing that they have mastered the art of dance to a great perfection. However, still they are far from a passionate state of dance which I am talking about.

The other type of dance is the dance of a religious man. He dances with a passion. He dances for the pure joy of dancing. He never cares for what people would say of his dancing. He never cares for other’s opinion on his dance. He doesn’t dance consciously. He doesn’t learn any dancing technique. He never cares for dancing steps. He just dances. He dances and become the dance itself. He merges himself in the dance and while he does so, he becomes a part of the dance of God. He becomes one with the existence.

The method of Dancing Meditation

Let us see how you can dance with passion as described above.

Choose your favorite music. No matter what kind of music it is, the main criterion is that it should be your favorite one. Now play that music in a room which has enough space for dancing. As the music starts playing, start dancing. Don’t be conscious of your step. Just dance with full passion. Don’t care about how you are looking to others. Just dance with your heart. Dance on the tunes of that melodious music. Don’t control your action, don’t’ plan , don’t judge. Just dance.

“Live as if there is no tomorrow. Dance as if no one is watching.”

Dance and let your body do what it wants to do.

Keep dancing for at least 10 minutes (if that seems more; then dance for only 5 minutes. But dance with passion. No strings attached).

Then stop! Switch off the music. (It would be better if you ask in advance someone else to switch off the music after 10 minutes so that you can stop immediately).

After you stop, lie down on the floor or bed. Don’t do anything. Just keep lying and allow various sensations of your body to enter deeply into you. Be a witness of the energy that flows in your body. Just be a watcher of all that happens in your body. Keep in this state for 10-15 minutes.

Now wake up. Be compassionate and thank God (or to the higher power if you don’t believe in God) for giving you this experience. You are a new man/woman now.

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