Can Meditation Helps In Controlling Substance Abuse ?

The use of meditation for addiction recovery has been on increase. A number of scientific researches on the effect of meditation on drug addiction have establioshed this fact that Meditation is one of the most effective tool for overcoming addiction.

The famous Alcoholics Anonymous foundation has been working on this subject since long and they have relesaed a number of guided meditation for alcoholics. In this article, I will be sharing some of the most effective online meditations that have been developed to help alleviate the problem of drug addiction.

But first of all, let us have a look at a woderful inforgraphic on this subject created by  Peaksymmetry. In this inforgraphic, it has been shown in an excellent way as to how the practice of mindfulness meditation helps in reducing the probelm of susbstance/alchol abuse. It also shows how the critical pathways of brain are rewired to allow more control to the addict in deciding various day to day behaviours.

Have a look :


How Meditation Helps Overcome Addiction?

Here are the three videos of guided meditation for addiction which will help anybody who want to help himself or his near and dears in overcoming the challenges of substance abuse.

(1) Alcoholics Anonymous 11th Step Meditation

[cleveryoutube video=”6kM7AEOzjwA” style=”2″]


The creator of this video has also provided this Dropbox download link  for anyone who would like the 11th Step Meditation CD, Format to start a meeting, and a tabel if one like to duplicate and give out CDs. The only stipulation is that one don’t charge for the CD. Perhaps a very generous offering in true human spirit.

(2) Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics The Full Exercise

[cleveryoutube video=”yzBocWlHhxo” style=”11″]


“Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics” – This is the full 30 minute, Non-Contemplative Meditation™ exercise that will allow you to get free from anger, separate you from your thoughts so that you can get connected to God immediately. This is the non-religious, non-commercial, pure exercise that will open your mind, heart and eyes and break you free from the bondage of self.

The Book, “Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics”  is the accompaniment to these audio presentations and introduces a special, meditation technique not affiliated with any religion or pseudo-spiritual movements.

While creating this version, the creator specifically had alcoholics and “those who love them,” in mind. But of course, anyone can use this.

(3) How do I Overcome Addictions and Compulsive Disorder?

This is short but highly informative talks by Hon’ble Sadhguru who in his mesmerizing voice stressed upon the use of meditation to have better control over our impulses and overcoming Addictions.

[cleveryoutube video=”IjU9FslSB_Q” style=”25″]
I would like to know your views on the use of meditation for overcoming addictions. Feel free to express your opinions in the comment box below.

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