A Thoughtful Approach to Improving Your Eating Habits

What are the eating habits that you want to change? You eat a hearty breakfast? That’s good. But what about the bad habits that you need to change?

Improving Eating Habits

You can exercise two hours a day five times a week, but if you’re not keeping an eye on your diet, that will all amount to nothing. Running on the track for an hour every day will not do you good if you keep on binge-eating unhealthy food choices such as candies and carb-loaded foods. A good and balanced diet is the key to a healthy life. Doesn’t that sound cliché ? But it’s true. Good health stems from good eating habits.

However, making a radical change in your eating habit isn’t a good idea either. Eating vegetable sandwiches will lead to a sudden weight loss, but this might not be sustainable or healthy. You’re going to lose essential minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Permanently changing your eating habits requires a thoughtful approach that will identify the areas for improvement, replace the unhealthy habits, and sustain these new efforts.

Identifying the Unhealthy Eating Habits

List down your eating habits. Create a diary of how you eat every meal. After a week or so, notice the patters when you eat. Do you eat too many sweets? Are you always loading up on carbs? What happens when you do these things? You might discover that you’re experiencing an afternoon slump when you eat too many sweets and carbs.

Other things that might cause you to gain weight is if you eat fast, eat when you’re not hungry, eat while you’re standing, consume desserts, and skip meals and eat heavily when you go hungry. These are all unhealthy eating habits that must change. Once you have identified these things, it will be easier to change your bad eating habits.

Replacing Unhealthy Habits with Good Ones

Commit to change your bad eating habits. It can be as simple as slowing down when you eat or cutting desserts from your diet. If you notice that you’ve been eating fast when you’re alone, try to invite a friend over for dinner or eat with a colleague at lunch. Avoid distractions when you eat. Distractions will prevent you from taking notice of how quickly you consume your food. Savor each bite.

Stop when you’re full. No matter how much you love the food you eat, stop when you’re full. People often eat when they are bored or anxious. Try to find a non-food activity when you’re feeling bored. Also, plan your meals. This will ensure that you eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Sustain These Good Eating Habits

Habits take time to develop, so you have to be patient with yourself. Once you find yourself engaging in unhealthy eating habits, stop yourself. Ask a loved one to remind you of your commitment when they notice you eating unhealthily. However, stop berating yourself, too. You will find yourself failing to follow the rules you set, but one mistake won’t blow a whole day of healthy eating habits. Go back to the plan and keep your eye on the prize.

Eating healthy food is easier said than done. Commitment takes time and money. You have to spend on better ingredients. You have to prepare your own meals rather than take out food from a restaurant. Eventually, these habits will become routine for you. It’ll then be easier to stick to the plan.

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