Trying to be in the zone of Writing

Hi friends,

Since a very long time, I have been  trying to start writing daily on this blog. However, some spark is missing. No matter how I try, something is not clicking. Despite having so many topics on meditation in my mind, I am not finding myself in the zone for writing.

Is it Writer’s Block ?

Writer's Block Image

Writer’s Block or What?

May be. I don’t know really.  While my daily meditation practice is going strong every day, some how writing about all this meditation stuff is not cutting the ice. May be , I need a gentle push.

As of now, I have been writing about my inability to write to tell you just one thing. And that thing is : I am also a mortal human being just like you. I have my shortcomings and weaknesses.

For the past few months, I have made deep contemplation about the future of this blog. I have read many non-fiction books on marketing, productivity, focus and what not. Perhaps, the best time for this blog is yet to come.

Every great thing is hard in the beginning. Starting something and pushing it in the initial phase to let it gain momentum is the most difficult of all pursuits. However, once things start gathering momentum, they assume their own personality. Perhaps the same thing is with my writing.

Having written so many articles, blog posts and thesis on various subjects, I should be confident of my writing ability. However, I find myself feeling like a beginner. Perhaps as in Cricket, the next inning of a batsman always starts from zero.

Just like a batman, I am trying to be in the zone of  writing. Wish me good luck.