Have trust in existence. That alone is enough

Question/Query : How do you balance trust in your life? Do you let go and trust that all will work out for the best, or do you struggle towards your goals in high velocity from an underlying motivation by fear (ever so minuscule even)?

I often question myself in many areas of everyday living my ability to trust. And I wonder – Are your motivations consciously guided by trusting that you are on the path you are meant to be on, or are you unconsciously motivated? Do you work extremely hard in the physical world doing this and that to accomplish something, or do I trust and let go of the outcome.

What do you place your trust in? A higher power, a higher intention? Or do you trust in yourself mainly?

Do you focus on your guides to assist you in endeavors, or do you feel alone in your personal actions?

Answer :

Once I was reading a book of great meditation master Osho where I cam across one of his saying – ” Have trust in existence. That alone is enough”.

The word existence in Hindi means “Astitava’ which actually means the Universe or Creation.

I can’t say of others, but it my own personal experience that having a faith (or trust) on existence (Universe) is one of the most effective method for attaining mental peace and calm.

Often I think, “What is the purpose of life ? Why in the first place we born on this earth which is so full of misery pain and struggle. Man is killing man just on the basis of Caste, creed, religion or nationality. The God just creates one earth and we divided it into numerous pieces of land. Everyday life is becoming more and more complicated. Just why we are (or for that matter all of us) here ? Just to be born, grow young, marry, have children and then ultimately die ? What is the use of all this?

Then comes many answer for this frustration. However, the answer which give me solace is that we are are part of a constant creation. The collective consciousness of every living being on this planet (and it includes every living being- not humans only) is increasing and all that we see around us is nothing but a dance of this consciousness. We all are parts of this Universe and when we reflect upon this dance, in many ways one part of the Universe reflect upon itself. All in all this is a game, a huge game which is going on since the time immemorial. We with our limited wisdom and resources can’t fathom its vastness. We are just a very very tiny drop in this enormous ocean of consciousness.

Just have faith in this huge existence. All negative forces which you see around here are also part of this cosmic force. We should have trust in the existence and should do all that we can do with our potential. Our own desires and intentions are the result of our limited wisdom. If we succeed in fulfilling them, well and good. If we can’t fulfill them owing to circumstances beyond our control, we should not make it a question of life and death. Just have faith in this huge existence and let it decide what it want to make of you. The ego, the fame , the success are as momentary as the failure or anonymity.

Have faith in existence and you will find miraculous improvement in your outlook towards life. A faith or trust in existence is enough.