What is the single most troublesome thing about meditation that bothers you ?


It has been a really long  time since I wrote you anything. Many of you must be waiting for the next issue of our Newsletter and, in fact, a lot of the new subscribers must be wondering whether we publish a newsletter at all.

Actually it was planned.

I was deliberately keeping a low profile and working on my meditation practices intensely.

Not only was I practicing meditation, I was also browsing and devouring various developments in the field of meditation – both offline and online.

So here I am with a request to you.

Would you consider giving me 2-5 minutes of your valuable time ?

Just for sharing your meditation questions with me?

I want to know the biggest problem you have about meditation. What is the single most troublesome thing about meditation that bothers you ? Any thing about meditation which make you uncomfortable? Something that has affected your progress?

Will you share it with me? I hope you will.

But why I want to know about it?

One simple answer and, frankly, a pretty selfish one : I want to grow myself.

I sincerely feel that every problem on meditation is a collective problem of humanity. For no matter, how different be our external circumstances, we all are part of a single organic whole. When you share your meditation questions with me, I get a deeper perspective of this entire science of meditation.

That way I will be able to serve you better.

So will you help me?

I hope so.

I have created a tiny one page questionnaire on my website where you will be asked six questions.

All these questions will normally take 2-5 minutes of your valuable time (umm.. you can take your own time. There is no alarm clock ticking there)

In lieu of this kind gesture on your part, I will give you a Free gift.

Now what is that ?

A powerful collection of Relaxing Music !

Relaxing Meditation Music

Relaxing Meditation Music

A set of 7 mp3 format meditation music which contains…

(1) 2 Beautiful and Restful Ambient Files

(2) 1 Emotion Stirring Celtic File

(3)  1 File For Achieving Chi

(4) 1 Beautiful Soft Strings Meditation File

(5)  1 Chanting Meditation File

This powerful and deeply soul-touching collection of meditation music will be yours for free.

Just for sharing your meditation questions with us.

Just complete a  small 1 page questionnaire about meditation and you will be instantly redirected to the download page.

So will you do this kind favor for me ?

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