Youthful Face: Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Your Dead Skin

Dead skin cells can be a huge beauty problem, causing your appearance to feel rough and look dull. Read on to learn some ways to remove dead skin cells.

In a normal cell turnover, your body sheds dead skin cells to replace them with new ones. You can have flaky or dry skin . If those dead skin cells won’t flake off. However, the shedding of dead skin cells is not always due to the body’s normal process. Dead skin cells can build up when the normal process is interrupted or slowed down.

One of the common reasons is exposure to the sun. This speeds up cell death and skin aging and eventually damages the skin, causing dead skin cells. Other causes may include harmful cleaning routines, underlying skin conditions ,dehydration, and aging. If you’re noticing an abnormal buildup of dead skin cells in your face, the tips below can help you get rid of that.

1. Use a face scrub

One of the most popular ways of removing dead skin cells is by using a face scrub. But keep in mind though that these exfoliating scrubs are not made equally, some are helpful while others are harmful to your skin. To prevent irritation or micro-tears, refrain from using scrubs with ingredients that don’t dissolve quickly. Opt for something gentle to the skin and dissolve like products made from sugar or salt. At the same time, it’s better to not use these scrubs more than once a week, especially if you’re using commercial products. If you have dry or sensitive skin, a face scrub is not a good option.

2. Try herbal soap

Another easy way to get rid of your dead skin cells is using herbal moisturizing soaps. These options are perfect for removing dirt on your skin and promoting a natural exfoliating process. They can remove dead cells and also aid skin conditions such as acne, sunburn, and eczema. Find an organic soap that can gently moisturize and cleanse your skin, and is specifically made for sensitive or dry skin. These products are made up of non-synthetic ingredients such as natural dyes, water, essential oils, natural fats, and plant-derived base oils. Not only are these soaps healthier but they are also animal-friendly and cruelty-free.

3. Steam your face

Steaming your face is a favorite for many people since it’s both great for your skin and relaxing too. This method can loosen up the dead skin cells on your face by opening up your pores. One way to do this is through the big bowl method. You will only need a large basin filled with water off the boil. You can then sit with your face close to the steaming bowl of water for five minutes. The next one is the washcloth method, which is the easier of the two. You just have to soak a washcloth in warm water and set it on your face for at least ten minutes. Make sure it’s not too hot that it’ll hurt you.

4. Get liquid exfoliators

Liquid exfoliators are great alternatives if you have acne-prone or dry and sensitive skin due to their mild exfoliants. If your skin cannot handle the traditional exfoliants, these products are a great alternative for dissolving dead skin. But just like with using any beauty product, be careful of the product you choose. For instance, you can find tons of toners in the market formulated with beta hydroxy acid and pro-vitamin B5 that helps lock in moisture in your skin.

Others use a non-drying and gentle formula, which softens and refreshes the skin. You can also find daily skin peel pads that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help with rough skin texture. If you’re outside most of the time, find pads with broad-spectrum sunscreen.

5. Be consistent with routine

Experts say that people suffering from contact dermatitis can experience flakiness and skin peeling. This is usually caused by sudden changes in skincare routines or the products that your skin comes in contact with, which could lead to a true allergy or irritation. Among the most common culprits are products with hydroxy acids and retinoids. These ingredients can irritate the skin, especially if you have a sensitive type.

Fragrances and preservatives can also result in irritation and allergies. If you just started using new skin products and experience skin peeling and flakiness, stop using them. Go to a trusted dermatologist if the rash doesn’t improve. Ask your dermatologist for a personalized skin routine to avoid further skin damage.

These tips are ideal for removing dead skin cells but ensure you also do things to help prevent further skin damage. Help your skin slough off naturally by cleaning gently, quitting smoking, staying safe in the sun, and eating a healthy diet. Also, be sure to still visit a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.