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  1. I am amazed. This webpage is just wonderful (and still have´nt finished reading all of it). Such a clear way to explain meditation, at least from the point of view of a meditator; Will people wo still do nor meditate understand it?

    Congratulations from spain.

    Never seen a better page on meditation.


  2. hi i am a spiritual being from Mauritius.
    well by profession i am an Educator in a girls’ college.
    i am a member of the Satyam Gyanam Anandam Society im Mauritus which aims for Global Mind Transformation under the guidance of a Modern Spiritual Guru Swami Paramananda. He also visits UK and Canada for meditation sessions. check the website.

  3. Dear Friend,
    As you have done such a great job of helping others, you may like to google the following in order that you can have further break through (actually your article on HERE AND NOW MEDITATION is more than enough, but you needed time for the momentum to propel you to the next level):
    James Swartz, Dr Nitin Trasi (for his book THE SCIENCE OF ENLIGHTENMENT), Dr Frederick Lenz (Rama), Francis Lucille (for his book ETERNALITY NOW) and of course, J Krishnamurti. Best wishes,
    KC (Singapore)

  4. Hi,

    I recently discovered your blog, and I have become a frequent reader. We recently published an article “50 Incredibly Successful People Who Credit Meditation” that dovetails well with your audience. Perhaps you would be interested in sharing with them?

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks for the great content, and I hope the article I’ve linked primes your interest.

    Katina Solomon

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